Enthusia 2012 VJTI, Mumbai Sports event 6 -23 January 2012



Festival Name: Enthusia 2012

Organising College Name: VJTI, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Festival Type: Sports event

Enthusia 2012 start Dates: 6th January 2012

Enthusia 2012 End Dates: 23rd January 2012

Enthusia 2012 Details: “Together we stand, Together we fall, Together we’re winners, and Winners take it all.”  -ENTHUSIA 2012
Enthusia is a national level festival extending upto around 18 days Around 100 colleges over the nation participate in this sport extravaganza We have around 5000 participants and 15000 people as an audience to this mega event.Enthusia – A National level Sports Festival of the prestigious VJTI.
Enthusia 2012 is coming with a bang this year.
Prepare for the return of awesomeness.m/

Major Events at Enthusia 2012: There are many exciting events at Enthusia 2012

VJTI Marathon: “Run a mile to spread a Smile”: VJTI Marathon
ENTHUSIA 2012 believes that it is also essential to contribute to the society in whatever way possible. Hence as tradition, ENTHUSIA 2012 arranges a Marathon every year for a cause . This year too we will be affiliating ourselves with an NGO working for the welfare of the needy.

Adventure Sports: Sports like river rafting, rappelling etc. are popular for the thrill and excitement they provide. A camp of 3 days in the remote areas of Mumbai will give the students a chance to try and experience these sports.

Promote Hockey:
Hockey is our national sport and ENTHUSIA 2012 will take up the role to keep the true spirit of Hockey alive and burning

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Throwball
  • Carrom
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Volleyball
  • Squash
  • Cricket


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Contact the organisors: http://www.enthusia.org/main/contactus/contact-form.php

Website: http://www.enthusia.org/main/index.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enthusia2012?sk=info

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