Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 – IIT Kharagpur 13 -15 january 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 - IIT Kharagpur
Event Name:
Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012

Organising College Name: IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal

Event Type:Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012

Event 2012 Dates: 13th-15th January 2012

Event 2012 Details: Global Entrepreneurship Summit (13th-15th January, 2012), is our annual flagship event, and one of the biggest entrepreneurial platforms for academicians, new-age entrepreneurs, eminent business personalities, venture capitalists and the students to gather at one place and share their entrepreneurial endeavours and experiences, and to pledge to take entrepreneurship to greater scales.

GES 2011 has as its theme “Empowering the Next Billion: Technology & Innovation” and will witness the presence of persona such as Irfan Alam, stalwarts in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. It will also bring together Universities across the globe in the International Conference on Entrepreneurship. Besides these, it will play host to numerous Guest Lectures, Workshops (technical and non-technical), and the National E-Cell Conference.

GES 2011 also brings Startup Camp– an invaluable opportunity for promising startups of the country to raise seed capital and hire college students as a full time employee or as an intern. The Summit will also play host to the finals of Concipio, Envision, Eclairez, Negocio, Pensez, CleanTech and Online video contest. In addition, there will be a lot of fun On the spot events such as TGIF and Bizturkz, where some serious cut throat competition is expected.

Major Events at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012: There are exciting events at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2012

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Contact the organisors: Rinshul Chandra | | +91 95478 90930