Interface 2012 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Technical Symposium 27 – 28 January 2012

Interface-2012 tech fest
Event Name
: Interface T12

Organising College Name: Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Event Type: National Level Technical Symposium

Interface 2012 Start Date: 27th January 2012

Interface 2012 End Date:  28th January 2012

Interface 2012 Details:

The most awaited National Level Technical Symposium, INTERFACE T-12, organized by the department of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING of COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, is now, this year bigger, and better. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING of COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLGY bestows upon its students with the most innovative and contemporary technical guidance that will help them remain competitive and relevant in the ever – evolving field of Electronics and Communication.

INTERFACE, the national level symposium conducted by the circuit branches of CIT ( ECE, EEE, CSE & IT ) provides a platform for the most ingenious minds in the country to showcase their talent. A variety of events have been planned to draw a heavy number of participants.

INTERFACE is aimed at nurturing and fostering students for the real world challenges that lie ahead of them. A technical symposium gives a chance for students from the length and breadth of our country to meet and compete with each other.

INTERFACE provides a grand podium for all young minds to mix up with their breed, share their views, thoughts and ideas; for the spectators there is plenty to learn and for the competitors there is much more to earn. This two days fiesta promises to be a truly enthralling experience.

Major Events at Interface 2012:  There are many events at Interface 2012

Position your sensors and tune it to perfect sensing of line and be sure that your robot follows three laws of robotics set by Isaac Asimov. Device your robot for scurry, which deals with hindrances and reaches the target in minimal time.

It is the event for all you circuit enthusiasts out there. Get bamboozled answering these analog and digital circuit questions.

This event is set out for all those nerds and geeks of digital electronics.Come and show the power of knowledge and unleash the amazing power of logic. Play with 0’s and 1’s that digitized the whole world…..

If you are thinking, coding those processor kits was as easy as you have seen in your laboratories, sorry, ‘coz what you are about to experience will throw you off your minds. Feel illuminated when you leave us, for you would have matched your computational skills with the real time problems and questions.

Crack up the best questions that come your way to punctuate your versatility towards electronics and communication.

“Eject twirl” is bringing out the output of provided circuit name by making use of available components. By designing the circuits you can also your knowledge regarding includes both physical and mental work.

“E tonner” is the event which kindles the participants in the latest technologies in electronics, day today life equipments and their circuit knowledge, well then a little out of box stuffs. E tonner on the whole has loads of fun and surprises.

Gaming evolution hosts a variety of games; from the nail biting close line finishes of NFS to brain racking strategies of war world and Counter Strike with flair of quick responses in Fifa.

The purpose of education is to turn dead ends into doors, to fuse the possible with the impossible, to cremate the old and to create the new. Feel like pushing the boundaries further? You tell us about the seeds you have and we will give you the farm to sow.

Present your innovative project that forms the gadgets of the future. Professional participants with a lot of stuff are expected to turn up for such an event.


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