Kurukshetra 2012 – Tech & Management Fest – College of Engg. Guindy – Feb 1-4


Fest Name: Kurukshetra 2012

Organising College Name: College of Engineering, Guindy

Festival Type: Technical & Management Festival

Kurukshetra 2012 Start Date: 1st Feb 2012

Kurukshetra 2012 End Date: 4th Feb 2012

Kurukshetra 2012 Details: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”.

And Kurukshetra is all about such moments! The gamut of challenging events features the crème de la crème of various institutions battling to match the best brains in the world. Its enriching workshops adhere to the paradigm of “learning made fun”. Its thought provoking guest lectures incite you to step into your thinking caps. The breath-taking colossal exhibits offer an invigorating respite. Indeed the experience at Kurukshetra is one of those ecstatic Eureka moments which you would savour and cherish forever.

With more events and bigger prizes than ever before, Kurukshetra 2012 shall truly be a technical extravaganza. Get ready folks time to celebrate technology!

Events at Kurukshetra 2012: Events at Kurukshetra reminisce the galactic battles of the past but with differences, here the battles are fought with brains and not blood, wits and not weapons, with technical prowess and not tactical prudence! They manifest the clamour of the whiz kids indulging in the perpetual clash of acumen and wit. A show of excellence and brilliance, events is Kurukshetra’s style of fishing for the fittest!

If you have the desire to create, the passion to pioneer and the determination to win, head into the battlefield, as it is all set for you, to make your pitch and claim your gold! List of major events at Kurukshetra 2012:

  • Codestorm
    • Heptathlon
    • Debugging
    • Kode Multus
    • Onsite Programming Contest
  • Engineering
    • Godspeed
    • Contraptions
    • Aero Modelling
    • Bridgetect
    • Fox Hunt
    • Electrowarriors
    • Megastructures
    • Rumble in the junk
    • Fun Trivia
    • Day Events
    • Gamindrome
  • Online Events
    • Klik
  • Online Programming
    • Riddles of the Sphinx
    • Dalal Bull
    • Buildreams
    • K! Apps
    • K! Mad
    • Kryptos
    • Papyrus
  • Energize
    • Paper Presentation
    • Quizzes
    • K! Open Quiz
    • College Biz Quiz
    • Corporate-Biz-Quiz
    • How Stuff Works
    • Scitech Quiz
  • Robotics
    • Angry Bots
    • Designer’s Quest
    • Image Processing
    • K!onstructor
    • K!ck
    • Robo Wars
  • Think Tank
    • Alcatraz
    • Innovate
    • Math Modelling
    • Poseidron
  • Tug of Tycoons
    • K! Idol
    • Biz Plan
    • Chaos Theory
    • K! Millionaire
  • Xceed


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Contact the organisors: Hariharan S | Email: infodesk@kurukshetra.org.in | Mob: 9952847426

Website: http://kurukshetra.org.in

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kurukshetra.org.in

Fest Submitted by: Anupamakannan


Kurukshetra 2011 Promotional Video: