Literati 2012 NIT Kurukshetra Technical Fest 1 – 4 March 2012

literati-2012-techfest nit kkr
Festival Name:
Literati 2012

Organising College Name: NIT Kurukshetra

Festival Type: Technical Festival

Literati 2012 Dates: 1st March 2012

Literati 2012 Dates: 4th March 2012

Literati 2012 Details: Literati is an annual four-day engineering and technical conference held by the National Institute of Technology at Kurukshetra in northern India. It was founded in 1994. This four day extravaganza of events aims at forming a pudding stone of students who share a mutual passion for science, technology & management in a synaesthesia of exuberance and rejoice.

LITERATI – The name itself spins a tale of finesse, born in the milieu of excellence and confluences the technopolis of ideas. LITERATI 2009 is not an event. It is a vision; a vision envisaged to illuminate the future and enliven the past. It makes an attempt to take the success of literati a step further. It is an effort to search new talents, new geniuses, new intellects, and new brains. By raking in novel innovative events, Literati promises to enter a new dimension.

The paper presentations better compiled as Papyrus Vitae would give an opportunity to participants to showcase their ability to research new topics and present them. The waste materials of our Green Earth will be added with value and viscose to swim in the event Junkyard Wars. Aero modeling –the science and art of making lifeless pieces of wood lightening up the sky would make the imagination of students soar to new heights. Roborynth would get a new fillip this time especially with the gizmos racing away to glory, with RoboVision partnering us to build autonomous robots.

Savante with all the prestige attached to it would get another feather to its cap as some eminent quizmaster brainstorms the minds of the best. Sensexing the sky highs of quick bucks participants would get to test their bulls and bears in Dalal Street. With over 40 singular events ranging from technical to managerial and gaming to be held in three days, the festival guarantees to be path breaking in its own capacity.

Major Events at Literati 2012: A host of interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Literati-

  • Excalibur- Software Development
  • Contraption– a Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Robowars :- Wars between Creative Robots
  • Roborynth:- Problem Statement Robot
  • Junkyard Wars:- Machines Could be made out from junk too.
  • Vidhwaan:-vivid idea with an aid to the viability
  • Wild Flower:- Melody of all the music instruments, make up for some divine music
  • Gamestation:- Makes the gamers come alive
  • Prayatan– a business plan
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Contact the organisors:

Pranshul Kulshreshtha- +91-9991319753

Mridul Chaudhary- +91-9729216687

Ankit Verma- +91-9896948070

Piyush Pruthi- +91-9896600348




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