Murious 2012 Jaypee University Of Information Technology, Solan Technical Fest 20 -22 January 2012



Festival Name: Murious 2012

Organising College Name: Jaypee University Of Information Technology, Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Festival Type: Technical event

Murious 2012 start Dates: 20th January 2012

Murious 2012 end Dates: 22nd January 2012

Murious 2012 Details: The most anticipated and exciting of all events that take place throughout the year in the University. Murious has gone far ahead than being just a technical fest and series of mind-blowing events – Murious provides ample amount of opportunities and experiences to enhance one’s horizon of knowledge and skills. Murious, now in it�s sixth phase, was started in 2006

Major Events at Murious 2012: There are various events at Murious 2012

Online Events

  • T-Shirt Design: Bored of Same Designed T-shirts? Try this!
  • Quiz: Nah!! This event is not just for the techies or the geeks. It�s for all those guys and girls who can resist these mind teasers for long.
  • Hack“:Why bother with clones if u can play the original..!!” Test your hacking skills in a real time hacking environment .
  • CodeZ:The master is the one who follows the third method to rule the eternal digital world but remember it�s not a cake walk so the easier you walk, the farther you will reach!!!
  • Tech AD:Dimaag ki batti zalaao… To sell your brand, how far can you go? If you love the limelight and you know how to sell a product and exactly how a product should be showcased, then believe us, this event is made just for you!!!
  • Android App. Dev:Android User? But Its not that easy! Try to build our dream App.. “If You can!”
  • Virtual Robotics
  • Web Design: Surfing websites is easy while making one aint a cake walk. We dare you to make one in an ultimate show off between participants thorough in their web skills
  • Matlab


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Contact the organisors: Shubham Jain – +919736252470 jshubham91[at]