Recstacy 2012 NIT Durgapur Cultural Event 22 -25 Feb 2012

recstacy-2012-nit durgapur cult fest
Festival Name:

Organising College Name: NIT Durgapur

Festival Type: Cultural Event

Recstacy 2012 start Dates: 22nd Feb 2012

Recstacy 2012 endDates: 25th Feb 2012

2012 Details: RECSTACY is back with more fervour and zeal to be bigger and better and reach out to a more expansive crowd. RECSTACY 2012 will hold a series of theme based events providing an excellent platform for showcasing talent in cultural events.Renowned artists from India and Abroad would enrich RECSTACY 2012 and drive the crowd toa frenzy. The expected footfall is estimated to be around 6000, a steady ten percent growth it has seen since last three years. The complete event will be shown on TV and broadcsted on radio. RECSTACY already has brand recognitionin the eastern region of the country and this time expect breaking of all barriers as ‘WE’ take ‘IT’ to the Next level.

Major Events at
Recstacy 2012: There are many exciting events at RECSTACY


  • Clash of the bands: All you rock and metal heads out there, a rock band competition is back again this time….. CLASH OF BANDS is now bigger and better than ever. Get set for a much more sound this time, , get ready to experience the magic of rock in its new avatar at its very epicentre right here in RECSTACY 2012.
  • Make it or break it: Whether you’ve got them moves like Jagger, Shakira or JACKSON, it’s time to prove that sometimes you CAN make it on your own. It’s time to style your feet, dance to the beat and have us begging for more….You lock, pop, break, krump or dougie; if you can’t fight the beat in your bones – then get your crew ready to become an urban legend and dance your way into history….grab a chance to make it or break it at RECSTACY 2012.
  • Nukkad naatak: Do you believe that real actors don’t need props, that all they need is a message? Gather together a cast and take your audience on an evocative roller coaster. Be the change you wish to see in the world at RECSTACY 2012.
  • Curtain call: Come and mesmerize the audience with your acting, direction, script and dialogues as characters come to life at Rangmanch – the SMALL stage play competition. Let your own discretion be your tutor and suit the action to the word to fulfill the entire point of playing. Once the audience has settled and all is set, its showtime!!
  • 60 seconds to fame: Spot lights on you, everybody waiting for your next gesture, the reverberating thunderclaps in the auditorium on your act and- this is a platform for fame Bringing out a whole new dimension of entertainment, show the audience the power of one…ps.this is not a purely acting based whatever u r good at!!
  • Bad ad: If you are done with the deceptive cosmos and want your ad to penetrate the public mind RECSTACY 2012 provides you the forum….an event where the true depth of your acting skill will b tested for selling a product!!


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Contact the organisors:

President, Students’ Gymkhana, NITD
Phone: +91-9614306325,

Vice President, Students’ Gymkhana, NITD
Phone: +91-8609763611,

General Secretary, Students’ Gymkhana, NITD
Phone: +91-9547898588,





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