Riviera 2012 – VIT Vellore International Sports & Cult Fest

  • Fest Details

    Fest Name: Riviera 2012
    Organising College Name: Vellore Instt. of Technology (VIT Vellore)
    Fest Type: Cultural Festival & Sports Festival
    Fest Start Date: 2nd February 2012
    Fest End Date: 5th February 2012
    Fest Info: It is with immense pleasure, that we announce “RIVIERA ’12 : An International Sports and Cultural Fest” that will be held from 2nd February to 5th February 2012 at our campus. For this international sports and cultural carnival, we expect over 8000 students from over 400 colleges across the globe to participate, in addition to our own students who are 17,000 in number.In Riviera’11 we had musical nights by the popular Bollywood singer Daler Mahndi and a rock concert by Orphaned Land and also a special performance by sunidhi chauhan. This year we will be bigger and better, both in quality and magnitude.As the proud organizers of RIVIERA ’12 we cordially invite your institution to take part in this fest from 2nd February to 5th February 2012 and seek your kind cooperation in making this event successful.
    Map: [google-map-v3 width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”14″ maptype=”ROADMAP” mapalign=”center” addresscontent=”VIT University Vellore Campus, Vellore – 632 014, Tamilnadu, India” showmarker=”true” animation=”DROP” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” bubbleautopan=”false” markerdirections=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]
  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Riviera 2012–

    • Informals
    • Fashion
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Debate
    • Dramatyx
    • Movie
    • Gaming
    • Fine Arts
    • Tamil Events
    • Telugu Events
    • Hindi Events
    • English Events
    • Quizzes
    • SocialEvents
    • Others
    • Workshops
  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Dr. P. Venkata Krishna (Convener)
    Mobile Number: +91 9566656771
    Email: convenorriviera@vit.ac.in
    Website: http://vitriviera.com
    Registration Link: http://www.vitriviera.com/Riviera_Registraion_form.pdf
    Fest Submitted by: NA
  • Fest Video(s)
    Riviera 2011 Teaser Video 1:

    Riviera 2011 Teaser Video 2:

  • Hospitality
    • Accommodation will be provided at a cost of Rs.100  per day.
    • Complimentary breakfast will be provided along with accommodation.
    • As we have limited accommodation, it is provided on first come first serve basis. Hence any requests in this regard are not entertained.
    • Request for individual rooms during allotment and complaints in this regard will not be entertained.
    • Each college should appoint a team leader among themselves and only the team leader should contact the hospitality team for the accommodation.
    • Please note that you will have to share the accommodation facility with other participants from other colleges.
    • Lock & key (for your luggage), blankets, pillows, bed sheets will not be provided. Participants are requested to bring them along if necessary.
    • Accommodation will be provided from 1st Feb 2012, 6:00 pm to 6th Feb 2012, 12:00 pm.
    • Accommodation for participants of events/sports starting before 2nd Feb 2012 will be provided from one day prior to the start of event/sports.
    • Transportation will be provided to all the participants reaching Vellore bus station/ Katpadi railway station at regular intervals from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (1st Feb 2012 to 3rd Feb 2012).
    • There will be help desks set up at Vellore bus station/ Katpadi railway station. Please approach them to avail transport facility.
    • If there is no one at the help desk please call on the phone numbers displayed at the desk.
    • The help desks, reception desks and transportation facility will not function from 6:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M during the pro-shows .
    • Participants are requested to bring their college I.D card along with Bonafide certificates.
    • Consumption of alcohol, narcotics, smoking in the University premises is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to severe action.
    • Any kind of indisciplinary actions during the fest will lead to severe action.
    • We are not responsible for any loss of valuables, luggage or any other belongings of the participants.
    • Any damage to the University property will be fined accordingly.
    • Participants are requested to carry their Riviera participant I.D card always and produce it on demand.

    For any other queries please feel free to contact:

    K.V.S.R Charan     – +91 9597367070

    Ishank Mittal     – +91 9789577189

    • Mail Us at: hospitality.riviera@vit.ac.in

    Please follow the rules and regulations of the University and co-operate with security personnel.