Sympulse 2012 Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune Management-Cultural-Sports Fest 30th January – 3rd February 2012


sympulse 2012


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Fest Name: Sympulse 2012

Organising College Name: Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune, Maharashtra

Fest Type: Management cum Cultural and Sports Fest

Sympulse 2012 start date: 30th January 2012

Sympulse 2012 end date: – 3rd February 2012


Sympulse 2012 details: Sympulse, with its inception in the year 2009, has truly become a pan global international student fest in Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (Under Graduate), Pune. Across a span of five days, the fest provides the students from junior colleges, under graduate and post graduate colleges a chance to participate and explore. Be it an exposure into the different worlds of business and management, a chance to discuss world issues at our International Model UN Conference, participating and showcasing their talent in a cultural extravaganza or showing their competitive spirit through sports, Sympulse has it all. With immense and growing national and international participation, Sympulse aims at being one of the premier under graduate fests of the country for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for all.

Major events at Sympulse 2012: There are many events at Sympulse 2012

  • SIMUNC:At SIMUNC, the only MUN conference under the aegis of the Symbiosis family, we are pleased then, to present a transitional and transformative experience of a prestigious and eagerly anticipated conference. With your help, we shall take this MUN along an audacious path, envisioning and tracing out projected global developments and their implications for humanity.This year in SIMUNC the debate goes to a whole new level where every delegate will be pushed to his/her limits to present the most valid of arguments and convince the most ardent adversaries to side with him when it all comes down to negotiating a truce and coming to common terms.
  • Sprint: Sympulse has incorporated many new events into Sprint. Sprint takes pride in the fact that it has something for everyone. There is a wide range of field and indoor events like Basketball, Pool, Baller’s arena, Street Soccer Champs and Soccer Mania.
  • Symulate: A managerial extravaganza which includes brain-racking quizzes, role plays, games, activities and workshops that would stimulate the manager in you, make you think out of the box and compel your intellectual versatility. Plunge into this pool of adventure, and pat yourself every time you swim across the tide.
    “The Council of Nicaea” – The Academic Summit, kick starts Symulate and it shall be no different this year. It is bound to warm up the grey cells of the participants through an informative session followed by a discussion live-wired by a panel of speakers consisting of eminent personalities. The topics promise to stir the manager in you.
  • ANANYA :   Life walks the road to death, in the
    world of harm and dread,Yet it yearns for destination, a place
    that holds the medicines to all despairs.

    Turn of events brings you to a new
    path where culture meets life and life
    meets expression.

    Come experience the power of youth, a
    revolutionary transition from a life that
    appears tamed.

    Open your eyes and swallow the colours
    of the crowd.

    One more step to take that turn,
    realization lands to the shudder of

    Spirit of competition haunts your soul,
    Words of anticipation whisper to you –

    “Live A New Life,
    Live The Transition”



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Contact the organisors:
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