TechFest 2012 IIT Bombay Technical event 6 – 8 January 2012

TechFest iit bombay


Festival Name: Techfest

Organising College Name: IIT Bombay

Festival Type: Technical event

Techfest 2012 start Date: 6th January 2012

Techfest 2012 End Date: 8th January 2012

Techfest 2012 Details: Born in 1998, with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovation, Techfest has passed 14 golden editions and today it is a body working for the betterment of society in general and students in particular under the patronage of UNESCO. With fierce competition amongst students from across India and abroad, display of cutting-edge technology, motivational speeches to inspire the youth, and workshops to sharpen their skills, Techfest today is a wholesome platform that students across India can look up to.

With various social initiatives, and campaigns like India Unmute, Techfest aims at grouping together the power of youth towards a better and a sustainable India.

Major Events at Techfest2012: There are major events at Techfest 2012

  • Competitions – 50,000 years have passed since the species known as homo sapiens achieved complete behavioural modernity and the great old rule “survival of the fittest” still seems to hold its ground. From the middle of the Stone Age to the present 21st century, man has fought to survive. He has competed with his fellow beings to capture the throne of ultimate superiority. And as time has passed, the battle of limbs has slowly transformed into the battle of minds. Techfest gives you a platform to outwit your opponents and lay the flag of your dominance. So gather all your arsenal as the competitions in this edition of Techfest shall taunt you to stretch your mind membranes beyond the threshold, because you can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression on their minds so they never want to see you again.


  • Workshops – Workshops at Techfest bring you face to face with state of the art technologies while providing valuable experience under the guidance of renowned and expert professionals. Techfest believes in the principle of “Do while you learn” and promises an enjoyable and enriching experience to the participants with significant interaction amongst peers with similar interests.


  • Technoholix – Veins flooding with adrenaline, heartbeats pumping all around, that same look of awe on the faces of thousands, ladies and gentlemen presenting to you Technoholix. When the lights go out elsewhere, when the world slows down to take its plunge into the bed, Techfest awakes into a realm of energy and entertainment.


  • Ideate – Born with this motto, Ideate aims to discover the best ideas and innovations from across the nation that would reform and revolutionise the present day India.


  • Lectures – Eminent personalities, exotic topics and enlightening insights – A segment dedicated to spreading excellence – Welcome to The Lecture Series.


  • Exhibitions – From the unison of the past, the present and the future, Techfest presents to you the most loved segment of the festival – Exhibitions.


  • Ozone – This segment strictly caters to only fun loving people, people who visualise science and technology to be something much bigger than some geek’s fantasy. With this vision, Techfest introduces you to the ‘On the Spot Zone’ of the festival – Ozone.


  • Ummmeed – e – Milaa


  • Open Quiz



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Contact the organisors:

Vishnu Mahajan

+91 97693 03207




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