Technovanza 2012 – VJTI Mumbai Tech & Management Fest – Feb 3-5

Festival Name:
 Technovanza 2012

Organising College Name: VJTI, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Festival Type: Techno-Management Fest

Technovanza 2012 start Date: 3rd Feb 2012

Technovanza 2012 End Date: 5th Feb 2012

Technivanza 2012 Details: Technovanza 2012, the annual techfest of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute ( V.J.T.I.) is the biggest Techno-Management event in the entire Maharashtra. Technovanza has grown to become one of the largest and most anticipated technical events in the country and has received participation from all over the country and a footfall of over 15,000.

Various competitions have inspired students to invent and nurture new ideas and have instilled a competitive spirit among them while exhibitions, workshops, seminars and lectures have enriched the learning experience of the visitors and made sure that no one goes home empty handed. Technovanza is also a socially responsible festival that in the past has strived to bring about reforms in the education system and highlight environmental issues apart from helping school children grasp science and math in more intuitive way.

It is common knowledge that Technovanza gives its participants an excellent opportunity to enhance and display their technical adroitness. But it also has been instrumental in developing the managerial and leadership qualities of the students who work tirelessly for four months to make this technological extravaganza a reality. These are invaluable skills that cannot be achieved through classroom learning and will no doubt help groom better professionals.

It is time to make Technovanza bigger and better!  So come and enjoy our theme ‘ Curiosity to Creation ‘

Major Events at Technovanza 2012: Many interesting events are scheduled for Technovanza 2012–

1. X-CON

2. I.C. Engine cars

3. Exhibitions

4. Robotic events

5. Rubix Cube Mumbai Open ( RCMO)

6. Lan Gaming events

7. Managerial Events

8. Shell Master(On-line Event)

Do you use free and open source software? Are you a Linux User? Then this is just the right event for you! Have you heard about the shell? For those without any clue, shell is simply the place where all Linux commands are typed out. This event is all about solving simple day to day tasks on your computer through the terminal.

To become the ultimate shell master you will have to make your way through three different rounds. The first round is an online objective round that tests your basic Linux knowledge. The remaining two rounds are to test your shell scripting skills.

If you think you have the required skills, then participate and compete to win the title of the ultimate ‘Shell Master’!!

 Contact the organisors:

  • Viral Shah | Mob: 9167045085 | Email:
  • Akhil Krishnan | Mob: 9833512239 | Email:


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