Aurora 2012 Cultural Fest ABV-IIITM,Gwalior 24th-26th February 2012


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Aurora 2012
    Organising College Name: ABV-IIITM
    Fest Type: Cultural Fest
    Fest Start Date: 24th February 2012
    Fest End Date: 26th February 2012
    Fest Info: Aurora is the Annual Cultural Festival of IIITM Gwalior. Aurora 2012 is going to be held from 24th – 26th February 2012.Aurora ~ Ensnaring Thy Senses , is the Annual Cultural Festival of the Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Gwalior. Held during the spring season every year, it attracts a whopping 5,000+ students from more than 50 colleges all over the country.In past, Aurora has been a festive affair to be part off and an exclusive stage for the best of the best artists, performers and show stoppers.Its back and yeah, the bang is coming soon!
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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Aurora 2012


    The perfect blend of Indian traditional styling with a twist of current trends in clothing brings a wave of freshness, portraying our versatility in all aspects.

    Fashion always interests people and we are no exception to it.

    Welcome to PARIVESH the fashion extravaganza of AURORA’ 2012 where style meets substance and attitude finds a channel to ooze itself outta head.

    Your fashion skills are at a display during three rounds—




    that means fully testing your aesthetic sense..

    So put on your Sunday clothes and walk away to glory…!

    CORNA– The rock band competition.


    Its time for you to rock and roll..!!

    Bonanza for rock music lovers…Time for people to tap their feet to the beats of the thrilling performances of music bands performing live on the stage on Aurora

    Prize Money Worth Rs.30,000++

    Phoenix : The Film Festival (A Short Film Contest)

    Aurora 2012 Presents Phoenix the film festival, with films of all genres and flavour. We believe a film is about creativity not the content, and hence we are not confining to any particular type of movie, we accept all kinds of movies creative enough to be screened on the big screen of Aurora. But unfortunately we do have a time criterion, which is 30 minutes run time. Are documentaries invited? Yes! Although only shortlisted movies & documentaries will be screened on aurora. So what are you waiting for? Win your movie a grand prize and excellent exposure via the great Aurora Platform..

    DANCING JODI: Couple Dance Competition

    Pair yourselves, it does not matter how (Dostana also works ). Energy, expression and the electrifying atmosphere – a perfect blend is sure to thrill the audience.

    JUST DO IT: Spontaneous Dancing

    A call to the born dancers to throw the world an open challenge, to proclaim their mastery at the skill of dancing. A platform for the young talents to showcase their ability beyond preparations and to enthrall the audience with an unexpected and surprising performance that has not been witnessed ever before!!

    SYNCRO FUNK: Group Dance Competition

    The war of rhythms comes to test not only the teams dancing skill but also the harmonious balance between the team’s vibration and energy. A perfect synchronization, vibration and blend of energy. When they merge with ideas and the ultimate rhythms at the stage of Synchro Funk,        the winners are born.

    Treasure Hunt : Search For The Hidden

    Aurora brings to you an opportunity to test your skills at deciphering clues and deducing connections to win your way over to the winners chest!! Ever dreamt of living like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft? Then look no further, Treasure Hunt is where you should be.

    There is nothing like a good riddle or clue to spice up your Aurora.

    Mates, start planning your next bounty hunt here and hopefully you can end up with the chest of gold.

    ABHIVYAKTI: Skit Competition

    Bring out the best of actor in you

    A talent found in people very few.

    Come on the stage to perform something new!! Skits based upon our rich heritage and culture and the effect of modernization and globalization on us.

    AD MAD SHOW: Advertising Competition

    Bring out the creative genius within you. Come with new and practical ideas to sell  your products. This is a real life test, who knows you may turn out to be professionals. Whoever gets tired of banging a door over a salesman; until, one stands on the other side of the door. Yes, get the opportunity to advertise a product to the multitude and your salesmanship is judged.

    Churn an AD that makes them MAD.

    MIME: Silent Acting Competition

    Silence speaks louder than words.” Time to see how well you can portray your feelings with your lips tied. Use your power of expression, let your silence speak to mesmerize the audience.

    AVIRAL: Quest For The Ultimate Speaker

    Aviral elucidates the quest for the superlative orator in the authentic sense.

    The resulting first past the post will have to exercise sheer perfectionism with superior command over various judgmental determinants.

    Cherish the right to speak and freedom of expression along with oratory talents that include the talent to blatantly speak without grammatical

    errors, without repetitive comments and propensity to comprehend others to produce rightful interjections.

    CRONOUS: Just a minute to fame

    Race against time….make your tongue faster than the clock…run your mind quicker than the pen of a scriptwriter…make your own content…. Roam around in the wildest lands of imagination..but stay…fluency is something you can’t afford to lose…!!

    The event of Cronous celebrates the spirit of unrestricted and incessant jabbering to let the speakers grab a chance to pour their hearts out and entertain the audience naturally!!

    PROS and CONS:

    Merits and Demerits.

    Advantages and Disadvantage.

    At first , praise or admire your object/subject and then pretend like it is the worst thing on earth.

    BITS N CHITS: Collage  Making Competition

    You know what a collage is!!.. Sometimes bits can speak more than bytes can..Unite bits and pieces to render a consolidated impression of your ideas. Just run your minds wild and bring out your crafty ideas on collages in this collage making competition.

    HEENA: Mehndi Designing

    The craftiness of the young hands at the traditional skill of Mehndi stands to test at this mehndi competition. Bring out the beauty embedded in your skilled minds to render designs that win hearts of one and all.

    KRUTI: Painting Competition

    Its plain and simple..  Kruti.. The painting competition..!! Bring your ideas creatively on paper..let us know how fine your hand works… or how wacky your art moves can be!!

    LANDSCAPES: Pencil Sketching

    A novel concept in the realm of Aurora.. Now we set your pencil sketching and shading skills to the test..Let the shades of grey and white speak for themselves…  Fade, contrast, sharp, blur…. Use everything you can to print your creativity on paper!


    Another platform to show the craftiness and innovation of your young talented minds…here at the art of making Rangoli. Proclaim your skills at this show of our tradition and culture!!


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    Contact Name: Anindya Kumar
    Mobile Number: 9165451017
    Registration Link: NA
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