iweekend International Innovation cum Technical fest JECRC, Jaipur 3 – 5 Feb 2012


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: iweekend 2012
    Organising College Name: JECRC, Jaipur
    Fest Type: International Innovation cum Technical fest
    Fest Start Date: 3 Feb 2012
    Fest End Date: 5 Feb 2012
    Fest Info: Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre nurtures the essence of growth in education and its holistic approach focuses on overall development of its students. As 10 glorious years have passed it has attained remarkable heights.
    JECRC, with its new goals and achievements, is organizing a three day International Innovation cum Technical fest. This event would be the first of its kind in Rajasthan and probably India, in an institute which has equipped a strong footing not only in our country but in other countries as well. Our event is also in collaboration with Microsoft iSpark Centre and Entrepreneurship Development Cell, JECRC Continuing our endeavor to excel and reflect the ideas in students, JECRC iWeekend will veritable be an event that will introduce the new aspects of the technical world.It will provide a platform to showcase their innovation and further enhance their interest in the “Implementation” part with a potential opportunity to interact with influential personalities. This weekend will establish a way to interact with the technical world and will boost the proficiency of students through the series of competitions.As ‘innovation’ has always been the forte of our college, the weekend will surely add wings to the underlying yet innovative ideas hidden among the students. The weekend will provide an opportunity to the promising technocrats to share their expertise in the world of methodology and help them take it to a level they had always wanted.
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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of iweekend 2012

    List of Events:

    • iBusinessSince time immemorial, business has been incorporated with the advancing society and its functioning. The very moment when the people learned about earning, business came into its exact being.But it is always a small idea that marks the beginning of a new era. The idea, if implemented in a proper direction may prove to be a gate to a brand new business empire.JECRC iWeekend strives to pave a way to mould that idea and shape up the same into an efficient business plan. It focuses on a holistic approach to nurture the corporate minds and help them interact with the business world. The main aim is to develop a practical approach in them and make them think analytically-the sole criteria of business.

      iBusiness, attracts the best corporate brains all over the world to compete and showcase their strategy on how they wish to turn their business idea into a boon. It’s not just a conventional business plan contest but has a twist, apart from being feasible and revenue generating. The B-plan has to be ‘Pioneering’ and ‘Inventing’ in all aspects.

      Mentoring by experts will be provided on the idea to make it more realistic. The shortlisted candidates will get an opportunity to interact with the venture capitalists and the corporate heads. The best entries of the contests will be showcased in convention which will further be graced with the presence of well known media houses, venture capitalists and angel investors and earnest judges and speakers.

      College contingents will battle it out for the top spot over the span of three days. Every participant’s nerve will be tested in corporate management simulation.

    •  iEngineer
      We, the JECRC iWeekend team firmly believe that an innovation and an idea are not the same. An idea is raw- it needs to be worked upon. And this is where many ideas meet failure. Being a leading engineering college in North India, JECRC attributes great importance to innovations of students in the field of engineering, no matter how abstract or simple they may be. We promote out of the box thinking and the spirit of belief in one’s passions.Under the umbrella of iEngineer, innovations by students all over the world studying in various undergraduate and postgraduate institutes in the theme of Electronics, Robotics, Automobiles as well as grass root innovations are welcome.The essence of iEngineer lies in the theme of participants from different parts of the world showcasing their work and innovation based on topics mentioned above. Saying that engineering innovations are continuously changing the world around us would only be an understatement. An international and novel competition like iEngineer would surely expand the horizons of the students our belief in the framework of the event is such that we are expecting a firm participation from students all over the globe.A seamless international connectivity would be set up for the participants abroad so that students residing there and those physically present in the event would be able to share their ideas as well as their prototypes. We, the team of JECRC iWeekend believe that such an interaction would be extremely fruitful and help students from all over the world collaborate and meet the corporate world with smarter techniques and they may even take some of their innovational ventures to the competitive markets.
    •  iSoftwareEver since the advent of the Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS), the software industry has created a space for itself in the modern day markets. And Facebook’s sudden rise to fame proves that it still is the best field to be working on. Software has always meant two things- simplicity and design.Internationally speaking, many students have evolved many innovative websites, mobile applications and computer applications that are potentially major business ventures requiring very little capital investment. Therefore, this field of development has its own separate slot in JECRC because of the innovative software and websites into comprehensive revenue generating models.As India has developed and made a name for itself in the field of Information Technology and Software, the interaction of students all over the world over a topic that involves software development, that too around a novel idea that people may use would surely be a conducive environment for constructive work, knowledge and experience.

      iSoftware would be organised and actively participated by experienced and established software professionals, capable of judging and understanding the intricacies of the piece of software so developed. The winning entries also get an opportunity to show the whole world what they created and also connect with corporates for further networking.

      Cash prizes worth 50,000 to be won.

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    Email: iweekend@jecrc.ac.in
    Website: http://www.jecrciweekend.com/home.html
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    Fest Submitted by: Nishant kumar goenka
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