Threshold 2012 Management Fest Jain University,Karnataka 30 – 31January 2012



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    Fest Name: Threshold 2012
    Organising College Name: Jain University – Centre for Management Studies, Bangalore, Karnataka
    Fest Type: Management Fest
    Fest Start Date: 30th January 2012
    Fest End Date: 31st January 2012
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    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


    Adulating norms laid down by society in fears of being ostracized does not qualify as living at all. Individuals grow through their experiences but when the novelty of such experiences are defined by limits that are ground into our societal framework by higher forces, innovation inevitably, will cease to exist. Pioneers don’t succeed because of circumstances; they are victorious because they think beyond those circumstances. Giving a platform to these individuals is the only conduit that will shape a better, more developed future in every sense of the word.


    ‘THRESHOLD’, the National-Level Management Fest organized by JU-CMS, is that conduit. The fest has been designed keeping in mind the competency of first and second years, while maintaining a professional and competitive corporate scenario.


    THRESHOLD 2012, a National Level Management Fest organized exclusively for first and second year undergraduate students has been scheduled for 30th January on campus and 31st January at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore. This year, Threshold 2012 will redefine business management fests through its unconventional format, theme and quality of competition and events. This unparalleled experience will be a stepping stone for first year and second year students in their quest to be proficient managers.

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  • Major Events

    This year all the events will be based on the theme of the book The Art of War- Sun Tzu. The book states that there are 5 factors, which determine the outcome of a battle, which are further divided into 3 parts. We plan to incorporate these 5 factors for the events of Threshold 2012- The Art of War. The events are listed below with contact information for further queries and concerns.

    Commander (Best Manager)

    The Commander in terms of the battle includes the leader in charge of the group versus the leader
    of the opponent. According to Sun Tzu the Commander must have the qualities of wisdom, sincerity,
    benevolence, courage and strictness. These qualities must be exemplified within oneself, but also
    be noticed in the opponent to find weak spots. In terms of the corporate world it incorporates the
    main leader for a management group, for example, a CEO or a manager.

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Neeraj Raveendran : +91 97406 99018


    Variable Factor – Heaven (Marketing)

    The variables in an environment can be thought of under this factor. For example, changing trends,
    fashion shifts, weather changes and economic fluctuations come under heaven. Market changes
    will always be there and in real world these are constantly changing testing the companies and their
    ability to adapt.

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Rachita Merlecha : +91 99862 84475


    Constant Factor – Earth (Finance)

    The constants in an environment can be thought of under this factor. For example, geography,
    roads and laws. A company has to ensure it works in accordance with these constraints. It refers to
    one’s financial status and how to work to get the most one can without incurring much loss.
    Financial fluctuations are a part of the business world as is the necessity for funding and this must
    be incurred by various entities successfully.

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Ashish Solanki : +91 91642 79797


    The Moral Law (Public Relations)

    It is the belief in himself that makes an employer convinced that he is doing the right. For the
    battalion the battle itself seems morally righteous, while for an individual, it is his gut feeling that the
    business is laid on strong ethical foundation and unshakable morality. In a business scenario, it is
    vital to bridge the gap between an employer’s perspective of right and the concurrence of public

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Megha Bhaskar : +91 97431 55765


    Method and Discipline (Human Resource)

    Probably the most universal factor of all. For Sun Tzu, it was about who can supply troops and
    control expenses. In the business world it refers to work ethic and time management. In this event it
    refers to how one can organize it’s human resources efficiently and within a time constraint.

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Tamanna Pandya : +91 97425 73715



    At a time when information was a luxury and knowledge epitomized the Holy Grail, a single belief
    defined the guiding light which eventually immortalized the seeker. With time, civilization has evolved.
    Wisdom thus, has slowly developed another facet : experience.

    Can you believe in the power of your knowledge?

    Can you create a worthwhile answer?

    Can you inspire the world with your wisdom?

    Member Event Co-ordinator : Hardik Foflia : +91 95913 79002

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    Contact Name: Emaad Pasha
    Mobile Number: +91 9916000004
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