Colosseum 2012 Technical Event College of Technology,Pantnagar 29 – 31 March 2012


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Colosseum 2012
    Organising College Name: College of Technology, Pantnagar
    Fest Type: Technical Event
    Fest Start Date: 29 March 2012
    Fest End Date: 31 March 2012
    Fest Info: Colosseum the inter collegiate technical fest of College of Technology ,Pantnagar is getting unfurled for the nineth time from 29-31 March 2012 with doubled excitement and ruling technical fervour. It holds the second position among the technical fest organized in the north zone of the country. This is the most vibrant and much awaited technical extravaganza of the region with a participation of 2000 students from over 40 colleges of the country the fest is an excellent platform for the young minds with a scientific temperament to explore their latent skills and prowess in the field of technical innovations.The fest is a colossal platform to display one’s technical flair and temperament and to unify the innovations and skills to create scientific masterpieces. The young minds get enough technical exposure and a rare opportunity to confront the intricacies of science and technology. The fest comprises of several enticing and brain storming events ranging from ranbhumi -the robotics contest, aurum- the personality development workshop ,renaissance- the workshop and guest lecture series, sanrachna -the model making contest ,biz-czar -the business plan presentation contest, kurukshetra- the lan gaming contest , inspire India -the youth parliament……just to name a few , with such a vast sea of technicality in front of you……its worth taking a plunge into it for at least once.The fest is also serving the purpose of upholding two noble social causes that have been a a major cause of concern in the recent years. The first being the conservation of the stripped wonders and pride of this earth, the tigers that are fighting a long battle against extinction. Hunting and poaching of tigers for skin and other body parts has soared over the years with little actions from the authorities. The other cause is education for all. Education is one of the basic amenities that is the right of every child. We in the wake of promulgating this cause, have decided to help the underprivileged children residing in and around Pantnagar. The fest is an excellent podium from where a strong wave can be generated on a national front regarding both the social causes.After all the twisting of your brain wares and churning of your innovations its time to grab some energy boosting cyrup and colosseum has it all. It has the most awaited professional nites at your disposal to leave you mesmerized and astounded. ‘Voir Rire’ is all ready to set the stage on fire. The adrenaline pumping music at the ‘Calypso’-the dj nite is a must to loosen up minds and souls. The feather on the hat is the ever awaited and sought after nite ie., ‘Corroboree’-the celeb nite, where you see your very own favourite celebs performing right in front of your eyes. In the past Jal, Bandish , Euphoria and Bombay Rockers have performed in Pantnagar.

    With so much of action awaitin… Its worth being a part of this technical extravaganza, blended with the flavour of some enthralling performances. ‘COLOSSEUM’ welcomes you to DREAM , INNOVATE and ACHIEVE

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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Colosseum 2012

    A brief look at what’s in store for you during the adrenaline pumping action packed 3 days, not exactly a fight to the death, but nevertheless, of the same intensity.
    RANBHUMI- The Robotics Competition
    Ranbhumi, a robotics contest calls upon creative brains to display their brain stormy ideas. The event not only tests the innovativeness of students but also predicts the skills of the students to design a mechanical structure called ‘ROBOT’ to solve any given problem i.e. Mechanical,Semi-Autonomous & Autonomous.
    ABHIVYAKTI – The Paper Presentation Competition:

    This event aims at excellence in technical communication in the domain of media technology. This event gives a platform fo r enginee r’s m ind to  present their ideas throwing light o n new  aspect s of v arious te chno lo gies. The papers prese nte d are of various types-research papers, theoretical papers, review papers, analytical papers and general papers. The ideas presented through papers have accessories like diagrams, graphs, charts and are displayed with the help of power point slides.
    RENAISSANCE– The Workshop & Guest Lecture Series:
    A series of guest lectures and workshops on a plethora of topics by technical experts. Hear it straight from the mouths of the world’s renowned, the best in the business.


    1. Auto Spark (11-12 February 2012)

    2. Android for phones (11-12 February 2012)

    3. Ethical Hacking (11-12 February 2012)

    4. Animation and Flash (17-18 March 2012)
    BIZ-CZAR- The Business Plan PresentationCompetition: The participants have to present a business idea with full knowledge of all its vital details, the inns and outs and viability of the plan. It is a platform for the technocrats to exhibit their managerial skills.

    KURUKSHETRA- The Lan Gaming Competition:
    A LAN game contest gives an edge to all computer wizards to display their skills and quench their thirst of victory as they make their way through the stages of various games-Counter strike 1.6;Need for speed most wanted; War craft (DotA FROZEN THRONE).
    SANRACHNA- Model Designing Contest:
    It is an open model making contest, for budding engineers to blend their technical and scientific ability in constructing various models. There are 2 categories in which the students get a chance to showcase their talent of designing.
    AURUM- The Personality Competition
    Aurum is the irrevo cable search fo r the ‘go ld’ with the pleasing aura in per so nality . It is the perso nality  co ntest  o f Colosseum where the titles of Mr. and Ms. Aurum find their suitable bearer. It comprises of a written test based on general awareness, aptitude, logical reasoning, personality related questions, picture interpretations, etc.The qualifying contestantare teamed up in pairs to undergo certain tasks at the InformalsGround. The qualifying contestants will battle out in several activities based on spontaneity, intellect and persona. .

    Delicately framed questions that stir up the genius in you in a quiz structure that keeps your adrenaline pumping, leave you wanting for more.
    ICONOLASM– The Case Study Contest:
    Iconoclasm, the case study, is an event to bewilder everybody by whacky but creative ideas. One of the most popular events among the intelligentsia of technocrats, this event witnesses the best minds push themselves to the limits.
    Inspire India is an endeavour to inspire us to think as a nation, speak as a nation and work as a nation. The elimination round consists of a G.K. quiz based on the past and present, national and international affairs of India in various fields like politics, culture, social, economics etc.. The selected teams then represent a political party in a mock parliament and are given a chance to present its own pre-decided bill and try to win the favour of the opposition in order to pass the bill.
    Participants are supposed to give a written test based on basic electronics. Participants, qualifying the round will be given a workshop providing them with the basic knowledge of electronics. Then, participants will be provided with a circuit which they are supposed to design using bread board and other materials that will be provided at the spot.

    The event justified its name as the participants used the junk provided to them skilfully. They have to make a technical article using soap; sticks and blade which will be provided top them.
    A fun filled  event, is a teaser if one falls prey to the ghastly mazes engulfing the nature of the game. It asks for pinnacle of present-mindedness as well as t im ely  usage o f o ne’s wit,  and it could just help you find your footing in the world of disguise and delusions. Team comprises of 3 members maximum. Each qualifying team will then be provided with a set of clues, a map of the area restricted and a puzzle which will lead to the final destination.
    JUGAT is an assembling and disassembling contest in which a machine parts will be given to the participants which they will have to disassemble and then assemble as soon as possible.In the first two rounds the participants will be judged on the basis of the time taken by them to disassemble and then reassemble the parts.The final round will be the combat round in which the teams will not only race with clock but also with their opponents. It provide a learning platform to the participants assertion the saying “ I HEARD, I FORGOT; I SAW, I R EM EM BERED-  I D ID –  I UND ERSTOOD .”

    This event is based o n o ne’s underst anding and pro gramm ing abilities in C/ C++  o r J!V! pro gram m ing language. Each te am  comprises a maximum of 2 members.  The event comprises of an objective written test where participants are made to write programs on ten problems.

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    Contact Name: Anuj Kapoor
    Mobile Number: 8439178820
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