Dextrix 12 Technical Symposium – Cultural Nux – Book Fest APIIT, Haryana 4th March 2012


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Dextrix 12
    Organising College Name: APIIT Haryana
    Fest Type: Technical Symposium – Cultural Nux – Book Fest
    Fest Start Date: 4th March 2012
    Fest End Date: 4th March 2012
    Fest Info: APIIT is astir to present its fourth technical festival “Dextrix- It’s Within You” dated 4th April, 2012.In the fine acoustics of greenery and the proximity to Delhi, this meet intends to break the shackles of archaic customs of apparent methodology of learning. It is one such initiative of our APIIT in which the faculty endowments, students’ commitment and their stature are tested to the hilt. Dextrix involves a realm of technical excellence where knowledge merges with talents to create a spectrum of diligence. They develop a hallmark of mutual existence thereby imbibing the eminence of sharing. In extensor from nerve- wrecking Quiz to Algorithm questions, from incredible web designing contest to fun filled gaming competition and musical concert to attend, de facto it will be a behemoth experience…
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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Dextrix 12

    Multimedia aristeios : (MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE) The event gives you the liberty to mould your imagination into veracity incorporate Adobe Flash as the development tool. The candidate would be provided a theme on spot for their creation based on the available resource.

    Robo Mesos : (ROBO RACE) It’s the time, c’mon now, stop spilling a drop of blood, explore your brain & let the evolution to make the clone bear the pain. Your destiny lies on the razor edged blade, don’t believe in myths just jump into the bandwagon of the Robo War.

    Dromos Problema : (ALGORITHM) When this world turns in a flummox to rattle your brain, Plash of insight decides in black and white, it’s you who choose between the portals to decide your fate & how you live to reach it.

    Code Ares : (CODE WAR) Tattered & bashed are the brain wires when bugs count hard on you, but it’s you who worsens it with your pituitary, which demands more ciphers to melt down your petite. Adept Programmers are at premium when competition compels you to be a numero uno.


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