Utkansh 2012 Cult Fest NIT Jalandhar 16 – 18 March 2012


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Utkansh 2012
    Organising College Name: NIT Jalandhar
    Fest Type: Cult Fest
    Fest Start Date: 16 March 2012
    Fest End Date: 18 March 2012
    Fest Info: Utkansh ’12, the Annual Literary-Cultural-Management Festival of Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar to take place from 16th to 18th March, 2012.

    Since its inception in 2005, this festival has been identified as a convergence of cultures and a confluence of best talents from across the country, showcasing the celebration of the spirit of healthy competition, which we believe, is the essence of true education. Over the years, “Utkansh” has given students a platform to express themselves in the forms of creativity,music, dramatics, dancing, management, literature ,photography and more. It is thronged by thousands of school and college students every year from all parts of the country.
    The Utkansh Student Ambassador Programme is an initiative towards creating awareness of this grand extravaganza across Indian universities. It will thus facilitate the efforts of propagating the essence of Utkansh in various other colleges channelled through enterprising students.

    The students associated via this ambient alliance will be trusted with carrying the brand image of NIT Jalandhar and along with that of Utkansh, the most sought after cultural festival of the country.

    A student ambassador once chosen will be entrusted with the responsibility of spreading word about Utkansh in his/her respective campus and also in surrounding campuses. The Student ambassador will also be expected to explore various avenues of passing information to his/her colleagues about the various endeavours of Utkansh’12.

    Partnering with Utkansh will not only give you access to an adobe of innovative ideas but also develop a marketing acumen to eventually lead to your personal metamorphosis. We hope to build a firm yet mutually benefiting relationship between Utkansh and its participating students.

    Terms and conditions:

    Applications for Student ambassador Programme are now OPEN

    1. The member concerned will be certified as a Student ambassador of Utkansh 2012.

    2. A Student ambassador needs to promote Utkansh by means of Newsletters, Posters etc. and also needs to provide email ids and phone numbers of participants he plans to publicize Utkansh to.

    3. He/ She is also expected to have informal presentations or video sessions for promoting Utkansh in his/her respective campus.

    4. Based on the location and profile of the respective college , there will be a minimum target set for the participation a ambassador is expected to bring for Utkansh 2012.

    5. Student ambassadors will be acknowledged with due recognition in form of Utkansh certificates, goodies and T-shirts. The best Student ambassadors would receive further credits.

    6.Every campus ambassador will be assisted personally by a mentor of NIT Jalandhar,the mentor will also get a certificate of mention and goodies depending on his/her performance.

    7.The Utkansh12 Managing Team has the discretion to all the incentives of the associates.

    In case you are interested in being a Student ambassador of Utkansh 2012, please use the contact us form below and mail us at sudhanshu.majupuria@gmail.com

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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Utkansh 2012

    Glam Nite

    “A bird in the sky dropped its shit in my eye, I did not worry I did not cry, I am just happy that cows don’t fly”
    This is what we call perfect positive attitude, and to show our attitude we engineers being so perfect technically bring to you the highly anticipated glam nite on our cultural fest Utkansh’12(16th march to 18th march 2012).A night rich with character,atmosphere, glamour, fashionable crowd and its not over yet,Miss Mrinalini Tyagi the famous face of Femina Miss India, hosting her own TV shows on channel zoom is our expected judge.The event is a full package of entertainment and a whole lot more fun ready to welcome d dawn.
    So common guys,here is the right platform for you to create,grow and manage your passion,your style,your looks and ofcourse your attitude.Its a chance for you to show your penchant for glamour before the various colleges participating and you never know you could be the next swooning face. I cant wait to see engineers on ramp,you better book your seat today.
    Cash prizes worth Rs 20000 to be won.

    Incredible Hunt

    Do you have it in you to Perform tasks, solve clues and hunt for the treasure? Yes, we at NIT Jalandhar bring to you the Incredible hunt on our cultural fest Utkansh’12(16th march 2012 to 18th march 2012)
    The Hunt would involve teams of youth studying in different colleges, competing with each other to reach to the final destination, solving  5 tasks that would come their way during the course of the day. Survival would be the key to win the competition. Contestants will be given a clue for any destination within the city and they strive to arrive first at the end of each leg of the race to reach to the next level and avoid coming in last, which carries the possibility of elimination or a significant disadvantage in the following leg. Contestants would travel to multiple stops using public transportation modes, none of the teams would be allowed to use their personal vehicle in the hunt. The clues in each leg point guide the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task, either together or by a single member. There would be a total of 15 pit stops for each team, failing to complete the required task at a stop, the team would get disqualified.
    Date : 16th March,2012
    Number of members per team: 5
    Entry Fee: Rs.500
    Prize Money: Rs.5,000
    Only limited number of teams would be entertained for the event, which would be chosen on first come first serve basis.

    RJ Hunt

    For all those who have an habit of jabbering incessantly, here’s a candy treat for you,
    NIT Jalandhar brings the very popular “RJ hunt” on its cultural fest “Utkansh”(16th march 2012 to 18th march 2012), students from across the country will compete on various grounds related to radio and a final winner(to be chosen by Big FM) will get cash prizes worth Rs10000 and also a chance to host his/her own show for a day on Big FM.
    The medium of radio, which was once considered to be the synonym of boredom for the youngsters, achieved brand new heights with this fresh style of presentation and today it is his name that is associated with the complete ‘makeover’ of the radio scene in the northern region.
    Getting into radio is about you being of a creative nature, wanting to share with others your thoughts and ideas. To share your music and creativity. This is all what we’ll test in you!!
    So if you really want to show your speaking skills and creativity to people come here and prove your word.

    Roadies at Utkansh 2012

    Travelling various task points on bikes, performing money tasks, immunity tasks, advantage tasks and vote-outs. These all are parts of the famous TV show MTV Roadies. A similar kind of ROADIES is going to be held in NIT Jalandhar campus on its cultural fest UTKANSH ’12. The students will get an opportunity to show their intellegence,reasoning ability, organising ability, social adaptability, cooperation, initiative, self confidence, speed of decision, ability to influence the group, determination, stamina and ability to take risks. This one event is the centre of attraction for all the youth and the participants from the last few years of UTKANSH. We get along 100 participants from 20 colleges across the country of which one is chosen as the ultimate Roadie.
    Roadies will prove to be adventurous and will leave a mark of remembrance among all the students for years. MTV Roadies is very much popular among the youth of India including students of NITJ, so there can be no other event which will bring about as much curiosity as this one can. Even team UTKANSH considers it as a major event of the fest. Many students might have dreamt of participating in the Roadies after watching the TV show, so this one may prove to be a dream come true for them.
    Registration fee: Rs 200
    Prize Money :  Rs 10000

    Rock Nite

    Let me make a guess…
    One of your most cherished desires is to attend a live rock performance….isn’t it?
    Now you will be wondering as to how i know this?
    ummm…that is a secret..
    chalo bta hi deta hun..actually same wish meri bhi hai…
    But you know what now you have a chance to make your wish come true…
    Yessssss….you got me right. We at NITJ are organizing our very own rock nite “MEGASONICS”. This will be a night full of electrifying performances on chart busters. So come and live your dream to the fullest. Enjoy the foot-tapping numbers belted out by our rock bands who will wrestle it out in the musical arena to prove their mettle. And the spirits are undoubtedly going to be high. I know that you are already imagining yourself amidst a charged up crowd, swaying to the tunes of the rock numbers. Now is the time to come out of the imaginative world and to experience the real ecstasy of a live rock performance.
    My feet are already shaking to the rhythm and I can’t wait for the gala event to begin. So I am running away right now to secure my seat. What are you waiting for??? COME ALONG….Cash prizes worth Rs 20000 to be distributed

    kavi sammelan

    Bursts of energy, engaging performances, oodles of talent………..
    You may be finding it difficult to relate all this with a kavi sammelan…isn’t it??? because kavi sammelans are typically all about white kurtas,
    drawling tones and yessss the long yawns…
    Well, then it is time to attend the kavi sammelen of NITJ and we guarantee that your perception will be changed for once and for all. We are here to replace the nightmarish sammelans of the past with the absolutely mesmerising and enamouring performances of our very own gen-x kavis.
    The super talented poets of NITJ will hold you spell bound with the magic of their pens and the charm of their voices…and don’t be surprised if you catch yourself shouting “ENCORE”.
    With topics ranging from the evergreen husband – wife tussles to social problems…our young enthusiasts will exhibit their creativity in every field.

    Aaaaaaaah…now i can definitely sense your eagernEss to be a part of the kavi sammelan at NIT. So what are you  waiting for..book your place NOW

    And many more…..

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Lakshay Chopra
    Mobile Number: 09659886358
    Email: sudhanshu.majupuria@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.utkansh12.com/home.aspx
    Registration Link: NA
    Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/Aagneya2011?sk=info
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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