Utkrisht 2012 Technical Fest Tula’s Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 28th-29th February 2012

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Utkrisht 2012
    Organising College Name: Tula’s Institute, Dehradun
    Fest Type: Technical Fest
    Fest Start Date: 28th February 2012
    Fest End Date: 29th February 2012
    Fest Info: Utkrisht is a two day mega event, organized to provide a common platform to students hailing from variety of backgrounds in Engineering & Management to showcase their talent, innovative ideas & technical know-how.The events in Utkrisht cover almost every thinkable domain in the field of technology and management. We hope that this platform will play a significant role in putting the deserving minds of the nation on an ever rising and never ending growth curve.
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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Utkrisht 2012

    ADAVYA ( Paper Presentation)
    (1 Day Event- 28th Feb)

    Event Detail: It is a Technical PowerPoint Presentation Competition.

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. There will be 3 Categories:
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
    • Mechanical and Civil Engineering.
    • Computer Science and Information technology Engineering.
    2. Maximum 2 members per team.
    3. Create a PowerPoint presentation on the given topics.
    4. Total time allotted for presentation ? minimum- 7 minutes, maximum- 9 minutes,
    5. Query time- 3 minutes.
    6. The team will be penalized for finishing before minimum or after maximum time.
    7. Abstracts should be mailed at utkrisht12@gmail.com , on or before 24th Feb,12 and selected participants will be intimated through mail on 25th Feb,12.
    8. The final teams will have to bring their presentations (softcopy)
    with them.
    9. Abstract limit ? 150-200 words.
    10.Maximum limit of presentations will be 4 in each group. 11.Decisions of the committee will be considered as final.

    CODE PROTOCOL(Coding competition)
    (2 Day event- 28th and 29th Feb)

    Event Detail: It is a Coding Competition.
    ? hello world

    ? javac.System.Reloaded

    ? spiderweb(.net)

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. Single entry and a student can participate in one language only.
    2. It will consist of three different segments i.e. C, Java, .Net.
    3. Format of each paper is same which is as follows :
    ? Round 1: Prelim Round
    ? Total time allotted: 30 min.
    ? It will consist of three sections with different marking schemes
    • Section 1 comprises of 20 single choice theory based questions to test the basic knowledge of the participant. The marking scheme is +3, -1.
    • Section 2 comprises of 10 multiple choice questions. The marking scheme is +5, -2.
    • Section 3 comprises of 10 multiple choice questions on programming. The marking scheme is +7, -3.

    ? Round 2: Final Round
    ? Total time allotted: 2 hrs.
    ? On the spot programming based on given problem set to test the programming skills of the participant.
    ? Programs will be judged on the basis of minimum time taken, optimized code, logic used.

    DEXTER’S LAB (Junk-yard)
    (2 day event- 28th & 29th Feb)

    Event Detail: It is a Junk yard Competition.
    It is a 2 days event
    (Day 1- Prelims , Day 2- Final Level).

    Rules and Regulations:
    1. Team of 3 Members.
    ? Round 1 ? Elimination Round
    ? In this, 1hr time will be allotted and each team has to construct a model using given material.
    ? Round 2 ? Final Round
    ? 8 teams will be selected from the elimination round will enter into final round.
    2. Best 2 teams will be awarded.
    3. Decision by technical team will be considered as final decision.

    CYBER FIESTA (Web Designing)
    (2 Day Event- 28th & 29th Feb)
    Event Detail: It is a Web- Designing Competition.

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. Maximum 2 members per team.
    2. It will consist of 2 Rounds: Round 1 will be on the 1st day & Round 2 will be on the 2nd day.

    ? Round 1: Elimination Round
    ? Total time allotted: 30 min
    ? Objective type questions based on basic web designing includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and database connectivity, general awareness questions about web and internet.
    ? The test comprises of 40 questions with the mark ratio of +3, -1.
    ? 5 teams will be selected for the final round.
    ? Selection is based upon the cutoff marks.
    ? Round 2: Development Round
    ? Total time allotted: 2.00 hrs.
    ? A common theme will be provided to all the teams.
    ? Prepare a static/dynamic website with/without CSS or Flash using Dreamweaver 8 and Flash CS4.
    ? Website must be relevant to the theme given.
    ? Resources such as pictures, cartoons, clips, text, etc will be provided.
    ? Participants can use Adobe Photoshop for editing.

    NIRMAN (Building Construction)
    (1 Day Event-28th Feb)
    Event Details: It is a City Planning competition.
    This Event to judge your creativity & innovation in the field of planning.
    Rules & Regulations:
    1.The team comprises of maximum 2 members.
    2.There will be 1 Round , in this your Drawing Skills will be tested.
    3. The participants will have to draw an overhead view of a city in detail.
    4. A Chart Paper will be provided & the participants have to bring their own stationary ( including colours ).
    5. In this Round the innovations & the quality of the design will be selected.
    SRIJAN (Working Model)

    (1 day event- 28th Feb)
     Event Detail: It is a Working Model Competition.
    It is a 1 day event (Day 1- Assembling & judging of Models )

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. Maximum 4 members per team.
    2. The Team has to present their working models
    3. Participants should bring their models on the day of fest.

    TECH-Q (Quiz Competition)
    (1 Day Event- 29th FEB)

    Event Coordinator: Deepraj Singh (E.C 4th yr.) – 8909604026
    Vartika Bhardwaj (I.T 4th yr.)

    Event Detail: It is a Quiz Competition (Technical and general)
    It’s a one day event.

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. 2 members per team.
    2. It will consist of 2 Round.

    ? Round 1: Prelim Round
    ? Total time allotted: 30 min.
    ? It consists of a written test based on General Knowledge, Engineering, Aptitude & Current affairs.
    ? The test comprises of 40 questions with the mark ratio of +3, -1.
    ? 5 teams will be selected for the final round.

    ? Round 2: Final Round
    ? Total time allotted: 2 hrs.
    ? It will consist of the following:
    • Audio/Visual Round: 10 Audio/video questions. Hint Type round with varying marking. No negative marking.
    • Rapid fire: 10 questions will be asked from each team in duration of 2 minutes. The team gets +10 for every right answer and -5 for every wrong answer, 0 marks are allotted for no answer.
    • Academic quiz: One question will be asked from each team which should be answered within one minute. If not answered the question passes to the next team. 10 marks are given for the right answer given by the first team, 5 marks are given for a pass question.
    • Picture perception: Verbal description of a given picture.

    GENESIS (LAN Gaming)
    (2 day event- 28th & 29th Feb)

    Event Co-coordinator: Prateesh Rana ( CS)
    Vikas Gaur ( NFS)
    Ritesh Bhatt ( Pocket tanks)

    Event Details: It is a LAN Gaming Competition.
    Special entry for only girls in game

    Rules and Regulations:
    1. The event consists of three major games
    Counterstrike & NFS (Most Wanted) & Pocket tank (only for girls).
    2. A team of 5 members is must for Counterstrike. There is single entry for NFS & Pocket tank.
    3. The decisions of the committee will be final.

    (1 day Event- 28th Feb)
    Event Details: It is a Robotic Competition.

    It is a 1 Day Event.
    It has two sessions.
    ? Robo GP
    ? Death Race
    Rules and Regulation:
    Technical Rules (common to both the events)
    • Dimensions- 30X30X30(cms.)
    • Power Supply will be provided at the venue.
    • Direct usage of 220V A.C is not allowed.
    • Bring your own eliminator , if adaptor is used.
    • If wired robots are being used then wire should be freely suspended,wire should be at least 3m in length.
    • No tesla coils are allowed.
    • No hydraulics is allowed.
    • No lego kits are allowed.
    • No weapons are allowed.

    Robo GP (Rules & Objectives)
    • A racing event.
    • Max.4 members in a team.
    • 2 robots at a time in the arena.
    • Robot finishing the race first times.
    • No.of laps increases with round.
    • No weapons are allowed.
    • Robots damaging the arena would be disqualified.

    Death Race (Rules & Objectives)
    • Max. 4 members in a Team.
    • 2 Robot at a time on arena.
    • The Robot needs to reach the finish line by crossing various hurdles.
    • The Robot finishing the arena in minimum time wins.
    • If a robot is struck at a place & is immovable for 30 sec then it would be disqualified.
    • Wining of team is based on number of checkpoints covered.
    • Rebelling robots need to complete their path by fighting their way to the finish line.

    Weapons Systems:

    Robots can have any kind of magnetic weapons, cutters, flippers, saws, lifting devices, spinning hammers etc.

    In no case should the arena be damaged by any bot.

    Winning of a team is restricted to the earned points and violation of any the above rules will lead to disqualification.

    The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.

    EMBEONICS (Circuit Designing)
    (1 Day Event- 28th Feb)

    Event Details: This is circuit designing competition using bread board.
    The event will be time based event.

    Rules & Regulations:
    1. Maximum 2 members per team.
    2. Same circuit will be given to each team.
    Round 1:
    1. Objective type question paper based on basics of Electronics and Electrical will be there. There will be 30 questions in total. Each question carries 2 marks and negative marking of 1 mark will be there.
    Round 2:
    2. Short listed teams will have to design next given circuit and the output will be tested on CRO. This round will also be time based.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Ishan Jain
    Mobile Number: 9808209318
    Email: ishanjain99@gmail.com
    Website: NA
    Registration Link: NA
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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