Animation & Flash for Engineers @ RGIT Mumbai 19 – 20 March 2012

  • Event Details
    Event Name: Animation & Flash for Engineers workshop
    Organising College Name: RGIT Mumbai
    Event Type: Workshop
    Event Start Date: 19th March 2012
    Event End Date: 20th March 2012
    Animation & Flash Workshop • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (including History)• Types of Images

    • Color Coding

    • Importing & Exporting Image

    • Layer Concept

    • Photoshop Tools –I

    • Photoshop Tools -II

    • Introduction to Flash (including History)

    • Play some Examples

    • Stage and Timeline

    • Tools and Drawing

    • Photoshop Filters

    • Library and Symbols

    • Properties panel

    • Creating Simple Flash Animations

    • Some Example to do it yourself

    • Advance Flash Animations and Effects.

    • Adding Video/Sound in Flash.

    • Show some Flashly animated  websites

    • Flash Action Script 2.0(Including examples over it )

    • Flash Action Script 3.0 (Including examples over it )

    • Will provide some Idea that how can them design site and also guide them that in which direction they should go for being a good animator.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Shruti shetty
    Mobile Number: 9769404029
  • Workshop Details (FE) will conduct a 2-day (16 hours) workshop on the topic “Animation & Flash for Engineers” on 19th- 20th March 2012
    FE will provide complete study material, CDs & stationary to all the participants.
    FE will provide participation certificates to all the attendees.
    FE will provide winner’s certificates & prizes to selected candidates who showcase excellence during the contests conducted in course of the workshop.
    FE will provide all the required software(s), and also assist in installing them on all the computers.
    FE will also send across all the marketing and promotional material(s) like workshop posters etc. which will be put up across the college campus.

  • How to Reach