AARUUSH 2012 – SRM University – Chennai – Techno-Managements

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: AARUUSH 2012
    Organising College Name: SRM  University, Chennai
    Fest Type: Techno-Managements Fest
    Fest Start Date: 5th September 2012
    Fest End Date: 8th September 2012
    Fest Info: Over the years SRM University has built and maintained a reputation for its state of the art facilities, as well as the experience and ethics it imbues in its students.This forms the basis for achieving success in today’s world. Aaruush, one of the largest technological symposiums of the country has kept up its tradition of innovation and has broken many frontiers.Aaruush has a knack for bringing out the best in you. This techno-management fest is a platform for more than 10,000 young minds from not only India’s but also the world’s top institutions to bring forth their innovative thoughts and ideas.Every year, Aaruush also works along the lines of a theme that aims at the betterment of the society at large by encouraging innovation through technology with respect to the theme. From paper presentations and guest lectures, to debates, quizzes and DJ nights, Aaruush’12 will play host to a plenitude of activities, giving you the opportunity to interact with the brightest minds in the country.
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  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of AARUUSH 2012

    Techno-Managements Fest :

    BLUEBOOK :  covers events relating to the fields of bioengineering, life sciences, biology and chemistry. Every event makes sure the participant gains practical knowledge and also tests the theoretical aspects of a wide range of topics.

    FUNDAZ :  consists of events which deal with the fundamental notions of science, basics that one learns from grades 10 to 12 in school.

    KONSTRUKTION :  puts together events where designing, fabricating and practically testing required models are focussed on. It entails the understanding of basic functioning of core engineering fields such as mechanical and civil.

    MAGEFFICIE :  events test the business and managerial skills of the participant. Crisis aversion, management, corporate strategy building and business planning form the basics of this domain.

    ONLINE :  events ensure participation of students on an international level. These events include games, puzzles, treasure hunt and other technical competitions.

    PRAESENTATIO :  helps provide a platform for participants who are interested in paper or model presentations as well as exhibitions backed with substantial proof to showcase their knowledge in their field of interest.

    ROBOGYAN :   consists of events that provide opportunities to innovate and create their own robots with unique specifications for each event. All types of manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic events are accepted.

    X-ZONE  is entirely about non-technical events and participants can be sure of entertaining and mind racking experiences.

    YUDDHAME  aims at honing the software and hardware skills of the participants. More specifically: coding in various programming languages and platforms, web designing, integrated circuits, networking and communication techniques.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Pranav Sharma
    Mobile Number: Mb : +91-97908 50637
    Email: secretary@aaruush.net
    Website: http://www.aaruush.net/v2012/
    Registration Link: http://www.aaruush.net
    Fest Submitted by: Hardeep Singh
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