Jhankaar 2012 – St. Andrew’s College – Mumbai – Cult Fest

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Jhankaar 2012
    Organising College Name: St. Andrew’s College – Mumbai
    Fest Type: Cult Fest
    Fest Start Date: 3rd September 2012
    Fest End Date: 3rd September 2012
    Fest Info: If you think of dance in St. Andrew’s college, there’s only one thing that comes to your mind, and that is ‘Jhankaar’ – the inter-collegiate dance festival
    Map: [google-map-v3 width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”14″ maptype=”ROADMAP” mapalign=”center” addresscontent=”St. Andrew’s College – Mumbai – Maharashtra” showmarker=”true” animation=”DROP” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” bubbleautopan=”false” markerdirections=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]
  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Cult Fest :


    Name a style of dance, and we have it!

    •  Classical fusion:

    (Choose an icon for e.g. Amitabh Bachchan; make a fusion of selective songs from his movies and dance. OR select a movie and make a fusion of all the songs in it)

    • Retro dance:

    (Retro is basically a dance form of 70’s.)

    • Street Dance:

    (It includes Hip-Hop, b-buoying, Free-style, locking and popping, etc.)

    • Dance for a cause:

    (Choose any cause and portray a message through your dance.)

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Aaron Abraham
    Mobile Number: 9004578737
    Website: http://www.jhankaar2012.com
    Registration Link: http://www.jhankaar2012.com
    Fest Submitted by: NA
  • Fest Video
  • Hospitality