Jet Potential 2012 – St. Josephs College of Engineering – Chennai – EEE Tech Fest

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Jet Potential 2012
    Organising College Name: St. Josephs College of Engineering – Chennai
    Fest Type: EEE Tech Fest
    Fest Start Date: 29th September  2012
    Fest End Date: 29th September  2012
    Fest Info: Engineering is all about the application of science to improve human comfort in our routine life. Engineering involves creative applications to design or develop any equipments for innovations and technologies.

    Engineering applies the sciences of physics and mathematics to find suitable solutions to problems or to make improvements through indigenous thinking, common sense and elementary logic,

    all of which arise from the Supreme Intelligence, the “Potential” in us. Technology, as we know it today, is the manifestation of thought and action, which has unflinchingly served and enthralled mankind since the invention of the spark.

    Map: [google-map-v3 width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”14″ maptype=”ROADMAP” mapalign=”center” addresscontent=”Jet Potential 2012 – St. Josephs College of Engineering – Chennai ” showmarker=”true” animation=”DROP” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” bubbleautopan=”false” markerdirections=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]
  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Tech Fest :


    • Kertas Prezento (Paper Presentation).
    • Robo Rumble (Robotics).
    • The Absolute Nexus (Circuit Debugging).
    • Qwizzard (Technical cum General Quiz).
    • Rigolade (Fun Events).
    • Quizzing Unleashed (Online Quiz).
    • Davy Jones Locker (Treasure Hunt).
  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Swardheep B
    Mobile Number: 9940908480
    Registration Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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  • Hospitality