Pragati 2013, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Management Fest

Pragati 2013, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Management Fest

  • Fest Details

    Fest Name:  Pragati 2013
    Organising College Name:  Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
    Fest Type:  Management Fest
    Fest Start Date:  1st February 2013
    Fest End Date:  2nd February 2013
    Fest Info:  The Passion, Power, Progress, And Pride Of Amrita School Of Business (Coimbatore) “Pragati” Is Back With A Bang!!! The National Level B-Fest Conducted By Amrita School Of Business Coimbatore Is Back To Bring The Best In You! Pragati 2013 Is Inspired By The Theme “Indovation” This Time With The Most Exciting Games From Marketing,Operations,Hr,Finance,Systems B-Quiz And B-Plan Competition Conducted By Meta Growth Forum, Called Jagriti .

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Tech Fest : Marketing Forum “Gen-M” Presents ‘Indigenius’ The Best Manager Competition. Confront Challenges You Have Never Faced Before… Set Forth On The Ultimate Journey Of Suspense, Fun, Creativity And Excitement… Come……Lets Spark A Revolution…
    No. Of Participants Per Team: 1
    Tri-Knight-Right: Hear All Ye Brave Knights Of Yore, The Herald Has Been Sounded, Thy Time Hath Come Explore, Excel, Explode!
    No. Of Participants: 3.
    Finance Forum “Fortune” Presents ‘Loot The Money Bin’ – Make Your Way Through A Series Of Challenges From Earning Your First Dime To Bathing In Gold.
    No Of Participants Per Team :3
    Finnovation: Are You Passionate About Finance ? Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next ‘Indovator’ ?
    No Of Participants Per Team :2
    Systems Forum “Bizit” Presents Trojan Horse: Have You Ever Thought Of Playing Opposite Odysseus, Achilles In The Technology Ruled World A Deception Could Bring Your Victory To Loss In Seconds! Get Ready For One Last Time. This Time Victory Could Be Forever!!!
    Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game: 2
    The Da Vinci Code : The Secrets Impress No One. The Trick You Use Is Everything. Can You Identify The Secrets? Can You Hear A Thing And Never Say It Again? Puzzles And Codes Will Be Your Invisible Pairs
    Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game – 2
    Operations Forum “Ozone” Presents Silverscreen: Tribute: 100 Years Of Indian Cinema & Entertainment Industry! Join Us To Feel All The Intricacies In This Field And Journey Along With Us To Know What Those Creative Artists Felt When They Created Their Masterpieces! We Beckon You To Feel The Ultimate Managerial And Operational Experience!
    Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game – Mandatory: 2 Members Per Team
    Frugal: Frugal Is All About Doing What Situation Demands By Excelling In Reducing Cost, Wastage Of Resources And Giving Out The Maximum Output In The Indian Style. Run Along With Us To Indianize The Global Market. Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game.
    Mandatory: 2 Members Per Team
    The Hr Forum “Relations” Presents Avant Garde “The Chosen Ones”: Avant Garde Has To Prove Themselves By Showing Elements Of Courage And Empathy Along With Intelligence And Creativity.
    Come…Challenge The Biggest Challenge ! Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game –
    Mandatory: 2 Members Per Team
    Padmavyuha “Demystify The Mystic”: Find The Way Out …. Before Dusk… Before The Battle Comes To A Closure. Will You Get Out Or Will You Be Trapped? Specific Number Of Participants/Team/Game Mandatory: 2 Members Per Team
    The Metagrowth Forum “Jagriti” Presents B Plan: Antraprerana
    For All Business Innovators, We Present The Ultimate Business Plan. We Are All Aware Of The Ill Effects Of Our Mother Nature. An Opportunity To Ignite Your Innovative Mind To Showcase Your Entrepreneurship Skills. Come And Grab The Challenge To Bring About A Positive Change In The World We Live In.
    No. Of Participants: 2 Per Team
    B Quiz: Open To All(Ug And Pg). Who Has Succeeded Ratan Tata As The Chairman Of Tata Group ?
    ‘Think Different’ – Which Company Has This Tagline? Do These Questions Interest You ? If Your Answer Is Yes, Then Asb Is The Place To Be. Jagriti Proudly Presents The Best Business Quiz In The History Of B-Fests. So Get Ready To Burst Your Knowledge Bubble By Competing With The Brightest Minds Of The Country.
    No. Of Participants: 2 Per Team
    Win Upto 2.4 Lakhs!!!
    Experience For A Life Time..The Beautiful Campus In Ettimadai (Coimbatore) Filled With The Energy Of Pragati..Food And Accommodation Free. Its Now Or Never!!!Prove That You Are The Real Manager..Real Hero! Everyone Has Their Own Strength .Its Your Chance To Prove Who You Are! Its Not Easy But Its Worth It!
    The Surprise Element Of Pragati 13….Coming Soon
    For Updates . Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Pages/Pragati-2013/492916297408125
    Are You Game For It??

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    Contact Name:  VP Public relations
    Mobile Number:  784515199
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    Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu