Aurora 2013, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, Delhi, Technical Fest

Aurora 2013, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, Delhi, Technical Fest

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name:  Aurora 2013
    Organising College Name:  Delhi Technological University, Delhi
    Fest Type:  Technical Fest
    Fest Start Date:  18th February 2013
    Fest End Date:  21st February 2013
    Fest Info:  Aurora, The Most Anticipated & Exciting Annual Technical Festival Of Delhi Technological University ( Formerly Delhi College Of Engineering ) Being Hosted By The Department Of Applied Physics In Association With DEPTH And Will Be Held On 18th-21st February 2013.

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Tech Fest :  DAY 1 (18th Feb ’13):
    1. Laseroptica- Play With Laser And Aim Your Target.
    2. I-Robot-This Simple Robotic Event Allows The Bot To Be Able To Follow A Black Line On A Complex Path Without Diverging .DONT FOLLOW THE MOB,FOLLOW THE LINE! :)
    3. Circuitrix- Circuitrix Is A Circuit Design Competition. Competitors Will Be Given A Problem Statement And The Team Will Have To Solve It Using Components Provided (Ics, Breadboards, Logic Gates Etc.) Within The Stipulated Time.
    4. Tuned Mass Damper- A Tuned Mass Damper, Also Known As A Harmonic Absorber, Is A Device Mounted In Structures To Reduce The Amplitude Of Mechanical Vibrations. Their Application Can Prevent Discomfort, Damage, Or Outright Structural Failure. They Are Frequently Used In Power Transmission, Automobiles, And Buildings.
    5. Bid2Win IT- Be A Part Of The First Ever Bidding Contest To Be Held In DTU Aurora’13. Form A Cricket Team With Maximum Rating To Win Exciting Prizes.

    DAY 2 (19th Feb’13):
    1. Stasis- State Of Stability, Make Your Bot Stable On A Rough Path And Carry The Fluid Without Spilling Off.
    2. Wrestlemania-Show Ur Battle Skills On The Field.Defeat The Opponent Nd Win D Battle.
    3. Robo Soccer-Reach For The Cup Of Life. “Cause Your Name Is On It “. This Event Allows Robots To Compete And Emerge Out As The Best On The Soccer Pitch, While These Bots Can’t Bend It Like Beckham.
    4. Accelerometer- Follow The Energy Conversion Rules And Design A System With Maximum Efficiency.
    5. Brain Twister- It Evolves Out The Urge Of The Organizers To Tease Your Gray Cells And To Establish Once And For All That Physics And Mathematics Is Fun. Lined Up For You Is A Host Of Fun-Filled Contest. It Is A Logic Based Physics And Mathematical Event With Equations, Soduku Coming Your Way!
    DAY3 (20th Feb’13):
    1. Texhibit- Technical Paper Presentation.
    2. Bug Hunter-It Is An Event In Which Participants Need To Debug A Given Set Of Problems. The Event Will Mainly Focus On The Ability Of The Participants To Debug Problems As Quickly As They Can. We Offer You A Vast Library: C++,C,JAVA,VB,MATLAB!
    3. Hardware/Software Design(Working)- Design Your Own Innovative Hardware/Software Working Model To Be Judged By Faculty Of Applied Physics Department.
    4. Minute2Win’it – It Comprises Of 1 Minute Interesting Games That Uses A Good Amount Of IQ And Technical Skills.
    5. Sin Never Sleeps – There’s No Such Thing As Questions, Just Hidden Answers. Follow The Evidence Again & Again. Brace Yourself For A Killer Experience. Do You Vision Yourself As Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple? Then Get Ready For A Thrilling Crime Scene Experience!
    6. LASER SHOW (6.30pm In OAT)

    Immolation-It Is A LAN Gaming Event Where You Can Unleash The Hardcore Gamer Inside You. (19,20,21 Feb)

    Pre Events
    1. Inferno – Wait Is Over, It’s Time For Wealth And Fame .A Race Against Time And Intelligence. Presenting Before You. “INFERNO” A Lot Can Happen In The Middle Of Nowhere. Find The Hidden Treasure And The Treasure Is Yours! (8th Feb’13)
    2. Big Bang Quiz (8th Feb’13)

    1. Enigma- It’ An Online Treasure Hunt Game.
    2. Digi Reposting- The Online Photography Contest. Grab Your Camera And Go Clicking.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name:  Ayush Banka
    Mobile Number:  9899972269
    Registration Link:
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  • How To Reach
    Delhi Technological University, Formerly Delhi College of Engineering, Shahbad Daulatpur,
    Main Bawana Road, Delhi-110042. India