Insomnia 2013, IISER Mohali, Punjab, Cultural Fest

Insomnia 2013, IISER Mohali, Punjab, Cultural Fest

  • Fest Details

    Fest Name:  Insomnia 2013
    Organising College Name:  IISER Mohali, Punjab
    Fest Type:  Cultural Fest
    Fest Start Date: 22nd March 2013
    Fest End Date: 24th March 2013
    Fest Info:
    IN-SOM-NI-A (in-som-nee-uh)
    “Early 17th Century: From Latin, From Insomnis ‘Sleepless’,
    From In- (Expressing Negation) + Somnus ‘Sleep’.”
    Habitual Sleeplessness; Inability To Sleep.
    Annual Cultural Fest Of IISER Mohali, To Be Held On 23rd-24th March, 2013, To Celebrate The
    Restless And Dynamic Spirit Of Youth.
    Insomnia 2013 Is The First Cultural Festival Of IISER Mohali, In The Midst Of Spring. This Year, The Indigenous Clubs Of IISER Mohali Have Decided To Pitch In With Their Sleep For A Nationwide Cultural, Literary, Adventure And Technical Festival. The Scale Is Major, And The Dreams Are Big.
    There’s Too Much Creativity And Energy Waiting To Be Spent, Too Much To Be Done, So Much Fun To Be Had, And Lots Of Competitions To Win. We’re Beginning To Get Impatient. We Plan To Let It All Out On 23rd And 24th March. Come Join Us.

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Tech Fest

  • Contact Info

    Contact Name:  Vrinda Ravi Kumar
    Mobile Number:  8557006196
    Registration Link:

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    IISER Mohali, Punjab