INNOVACIÓN 2013, Institute Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, Technical Fest

INNOVACIÓN 2013, Institute Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, Technical Fest

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name:  INNOVACIÓN 2013
    Organising College Name:  Institute Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata
    Fest Type:  Technical Fest
    Fest Start Date:  24th April 2013
    Fest End Date:  25th April 2013
    Fest Info:  Innovación is the annual technological fest of Institute of Engineering and Management, organized in association with University of Engineering and Management.
    With the theme of Innovate-Enkindle-Motivate, the consortium of students and faculty of IEM present to you a carnival that celebrates technical prowess and out of the box thinking. It is our endeavor to challenge participants to think, ideate, innovate and push themselves to go that extra mile. It is a medium through which the youth can express their views, their creativity, their talent and their technological skills.

    The fest will have a plethora of technical and non-technical events ranging from Robotics, Coding, Electronics, Management, Core Science and Mathematics, Gaming and a number of other fun and adrenaline-gushing events. Apart from these events, our institute will also be home to many workshops and trainings to aid students that shall bring the students face to face with the leading and emerging technologies of the world, which is set to be a very enlightening experience for the budding creative minds. We also present to you an International Robotics Workshop where exhibitors from all over the world shall enthrall students and audiences alike with their mind-blowing displays.

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of  Tech Fest :  IEM has organized a host of successful tech-fests over the years with aplomb and promises to make Innovación bigger, better and even more electrifying.
    I. Robotics:

    1. Le Louvre Quest (autonomous robot with image processing)
    2. X-Race (manual robot race)
    3. Robofooties (manual robot football match)
    4. Hell in a cell (manual robot wrestling)
    5. Tracker (autonomous line-follower robot)
    6. Robocomrades (autonomous grid and path follower robot)

    II. Electronics:

    7. Micromaniac (micro-controller coding)
    8. Electrocuted (circuit-making)

    III. Gaming:

    9. Counter Strike
    10. Need for speed
    11. Fifa
    IV. Coding Events:

    12. Hackathon (developing solution to given task )
    13. Algorithmist (application of algorithms)
    14. Almost There (encrypted puzzles and riddles)
    15. Bug Smash (C programming and debugging)
    16. Contrivance (test of data structures, C and algorithms)

    V. Activity Events:

    17. Aperture (photography)
    18. Innovare (model-making)
    19. Scrapchamp (generation of useful products from scrap)
    20. Ecopallete (poster-making)
    21. Quiz Crusade (general quiz)
    22. Mathemagic (math puzzles and riddles)

    VI. Online Coding Events:

    23. Code 1.1 (algorithms)
    24. Webolve (website developing)

    VII. Workshops:

    1. Android Application Development
    2. Autonomous Robotics Workshop

    VIII. International Robotics Exhibition

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    Mobile Number:  9477019344
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    Located at Saltlake sector- V ,College more.