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Axis 13

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    Fest Name:  AXIS 13
    Organising College Name:  VNIT Nagpur, Nagpur, Maharashtra
    Fest Type:  Technical
    Fest Start Date:  20th September 2013
    Fest End Date:  22nd September 2013
    Fest Info:  Change is the very essence of life. With every passing second the world changes. We innately move forward along the axis of time. It remains in our hands to embrace the nouvelle and help engineer the vicissitude. It is this flexibility to change with the ability to re-design our world to suit the time which fosters progress and growth. The perils of stagnation and a one thought-mind are many, as the saying goes: A rolling-stone gathers no moss.As the wheel of technology rotates, AXIS aims to act as a medium for those who wish to pioneer a revolution. A revolution against any idea or any methodology which has become redundant and needs to be re-innovated; AXIS aims to serve as a platform for those who wish to bring about a change, to help students contribute in this technical advancement.AXIS was initially conceived under the name Odyssey, in the year 2000. And over the time, it has grown in leaps-and-bounds. From a small inter-college exposition to a national level festival, in over the span of 13 years, AXIS has strived to provide the basis for the kindling and the nourishing of ideas.So, folks behold, there is a revolution brewing at the heart of the country, an upheaval of the old unessential, an uprising of the new, and you are invited to be a part of it.

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Fest : Events

    A massive flood destroyed all the houses and property of a village. A supply plane which was supposed to drop necessary supplies, accidently dropped it 5 kilometers away from the target area . Two companies have been given the task to gather back the supplies before they perish…

    Today, Line follower robots have a wide application in in the industries. Example they can be used in Assembly plants to transport various packages from different parts of the plant. Further they can also be used in Postal/Courier offices to deliver packages to various sections.

    Sometimes it is easy to make it simple but difficult to make it complicated , this is what contraption is all about; to do things in the most complicated way, through as many energy conversions as possible. The beauty of this event is not in its simplicity but its complexity. Contraption is a bombardment of continuous events which happen within a blink of an eye…..


    Ever felt the rush while racing and the excitement of a close finish? NO? Come feel it..and if YES come feel it again…!!! Put your IC engine Car to the ground and fuel your thirst to glory!!

    The event emphasises on mining technology and challenges.In mines workers need to work in difficult and lethal conditions. Challenge is to come up with different innovations and ideas that will revolutionise mining engineering…

    And this time more challenging than ever. Violence has always been an integral part of the human society. There has always been a burning urge to show dominance. With the advent of technological advancement, that need has only gotten bigger…

    Paper presentation

    Do you ever feel the strength of a bridge?
    Thousand of vehicles crossing it every day and night.
    Wind forces interrupting its base every second.
    Earthquake forces also acting.
    Other natural hurdles…

    A common platform for students to present their vision through various design competitions…
    Green Innovation
    Green Innovation
    Green energy is being used more each day. Wind turbines, wave turbines, Hydroelectric dams, geothermal heating/cooling, biofuels and solar panels are all being constantly improved to be more efficient and environmentally friendly…

    Innovative usage of things is what connects the path of ideas to revolution in our daily lives. Are you a pathfinder unable to make it through???…
    Pascal Trouble
    Pascal Trouble
    Some of the most complex machines used in engineering today are based on very simple fundamentals of hydraulics. In pascal trouble you are required to make a machine which works on hydraulics and which performs the given tasks efficiently…

    A fluid in motion has the potential to generate huge amount of hydroelectricity.

    Find the SuDoKus and Mensa Puzzles very boring? Well, if you are looking out for some good stuff to keep your brain cells charged up, you have just reached the right place if you read a board that cries out CRYPTOCRUX…

    12.Das Labyrinth
    Das Labyrinth
    Just because youre losing, doesn’t mean youve lost, doesn’t mean youll stop, doesn’t mean you wont cross. It’s just another maze! You have to find your way out! Rack your brains, think of all the tricks youve got and work it out to be the first to reach the end…

    The all night coding event, will let you put your neend nahi aane ki bimari to the best use ever! Show your command over the programming languages, write a few lines that run better than the others and walk away with loads of prizes! But look out for the time that’s running out as well!

    Animation, as a powerful tool, can be used to depict the various shades of life quite effectively. We at Techverve aim to achieve an eloquent blend of creativity with technology. Ideate Innovate Animate! These three words sum it all!…

    15.221B Baker Street
    One-stop paradise for all the SHERLOCKS out there! Come put on your hats and start teasing those thinking cells to shatter the nuances of dreary monotony…

    Brainstorm your mind for freaky maths goes our tagline. Freaked out? Please, all those budding maths-wizs and mathemagicians-in-da-making, you don’t have to be…

    To be put up soon…

    The hackneyed phrase, “All work and no play……” is very familiar to all of us. Axis does not intend on making Jacks of its 5000 participants…

    19.Junior Scientist
    Junior Scientist
    To be put up soon…

    “Everyone has the brainpower to follow the Stock Market .If you made it through fifth- grade math, you can do it.” With these famous immortal words of a certain Mr. Peter Lynch, we present to you WALLSTREET, the VNITian’s mock stock market…

    Whos the Boss
    An event where we not only check your business acumen, we also need you to think out of the box. This competition is entirely non-technical….

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