GREAT STEP 2013, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur-West Bengal, Mining Department Fest

Great step 2013..

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name:  GREAT STEP 2013
    Organising College Name:  IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur-West Bengal
    Fest Type:  Mining Department Fest
    Fest Start Date:  25th October 2013
    Fest End Date:  27th October 2013
    Fest Info: Great Step — the most popular mining college festival in India gets even better this year. The world has seen 5 editions till date, each more successful, more fun, and more gigantic than its former. But the best is yet ro come. As India wraps up its festive season in October and gets ready for the usual monotony, Great Step dares to give us a delightful extensioN.
    Along with your old favorites, we have got a whole horde of exciting events this year. And to top it all, a kick-ass cultural event prior to the closing event. We, at IIT Kharagpur, welcome you all to join us in this enthralling experience,from 25th October to 27th October 2013,which will be forever etched in your mind.
  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Fest :Events

    GREAT STEP 2013 Technical Events in Kharagpur :
    Geobotics – A robotics event.
    Industrial Design Problem – An on the spot design competition.
    Tela Quante – An online quiz.
    Mineo Case Study – A case study related to the field of mining.
    Petro Case Study –
    Mineac – A quiz.
    Professio Intellectus – Paper presentation for p/g students.
    Minescript – Paper presentation for u/g students.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Abhishek Gupta
    Mobile Number: 800161907
    Facebook Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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    GREAT STEP 2013
    Department of Mining Engineering
    Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur
    West Bengal, India
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