MindBend 2013, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Gujarat, Techno-managerial Festival


  • Fest Details
    Fest Name:  MindBend 2013
    Organising College Name:  Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Gujarat
    Fest Type:  Techno-managerial Festival
    Fest Start Date:  23rd  October 2013
    Fest End Date:  to 26th October 2013
    Fest Info: Established in the year 1961 as Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional Engineering College (SVREC), the institute was later upgraded to Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology(SVNIT) in the year 2002 and is stated by the Central Government as an Institute of National Importance. NIT-Surat has now been given the status of Deemed University.

    This is the 52nd academic year of the college. From the last 18 years NIT-Surat has been organising ‘MindBend’, a National Level Techno-managerial Festival involving an amalgamation of varied forms of Technical and Managerial events over a period of 3 days and 4 nights wherein we showcase India’s best and brightest talent in the field of technology.
    MindBend in the past has witnessed legendary groups like Pyromania (A fire & UV show group, Israel) in 2010, Nigel Mead (Magician & Mentalist from UK), Face team (Basketball Freestylers from Hungary) in 2011 and Arvind Jayashankar (Magician and Mentalist) in 2012. Also Quiz masters like Barry O’ Brien and MTV Stuntmania have been a part of our college festival before.
    Scheduled on 23rd to 26th October 2013 , with 23rd October being the inaugural night, we are on the path of makingMindBend 2013 a grander event.
    With the budget notching 25,00,000 INR, MindBend, has been the most awaited Technical Festival of Gujarat which previously has witnessed a footfall of over 10000.
  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Fest :Events

    Events :
    Technical events :
    Robotics Events:

    1)Contrahacer :- Design two bots-a manually controlled and an autonomous bot that can traverse through the maze and reach end point using image processing of gestures produced by the manual bot.
    2)Levitacion :- Does Air hockey fascinates you!!!Come and build a bot that shoots up the puck in the opponents goal before the time rides out. The team to make first 7 shoots in opponent’s goal qualifies.
    3)Terminator 1.0 :- Design and construct a remote controlled robot capable of fighting a one on one tournament.

    4)RoverReconnoiter :- Build a robust Manual Bot which can outlive the rocky, topsy-turvy terrain. Accept the challenge, strike the crags, endure the obstacles and reach the top.

    5)Line stalker :- Build an autonomous bot reaching the finish point of given track with multiple branches following shortest path in minimum time.

    6)Doodle Jump:- Build a bot to reach at the top before your opponent does climbing all the stairs and hurdles on your way.


    AD-VENTURE – An online presentation of an advertisement on any topic.. Short listing.. And then the second round will include giving the teams a topic on the spot and making and presenting an add on the same.

    BUSINESS BAZIGAR – you will be given a fixed amount of money, and the task will be to multiply it as much as one can in a stipulated amount of time. By doing whatever stuff.

    B-PLAN – A presentation on a self proposed business model that focuses on issues like sustainability, value-for-money, profitability, etc.

    QUIZ- can be a management-cum-informal quiz with questions like ‘how many time has financial emergency been imposed in India’ and ‘the kumbhmela is not held at which place out of the following?’

    Ancient India Quiz
    Tech Quiz

    Entertainment Quiz
    Sports Quiz

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    Contact Name:  Brijesh Modasara
    Mobile Number:  09974010735
    Email:   “Brijesh Modasara” <brijeshmodasara@yahoo.com>
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