Vivacity 2013, The LNM Institute Of Information Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Technical-Cultural-Management

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  • Fest Details
    Fest Name:  Vivacity 2013
    Organising College Name:  The LNM Institute Of Information Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan
    Fest Type:  Technical-Cultural-Management
    Fest Start Date:  3rd October 2013
    Fest End Date:  6th October 2013
    Fest Info:  VIVACITY is the annual Techno-Cultural-Management festival of The L.N.Mittal Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. It is juxtaposition of energy and spirit which comes alive as dawn awakens to greet a zealous crowd.

  • Major Events
    Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Fest :Events

    Vivacity 2013 Technical, Cultural, Management, Literary, Workshop, Online Events in Jaipur :
    X-Static (Western solo)
    Nrityanjai (Classical solo)
    Samba & Salsa (Duet)
    Street Dance
    Know knew stage show (The play competition)
    Speaking silence (The mime competition)
    The cheap shot (Spoof competition)
    Halla bol (The street play)
    Floor crossing (Extemporary event)
    Pandemoniac (Mock parliament)
    J.A.M (Extemporary event)
    Wierdo (Story Telling)
    Prolegomenon (Essay writing)
    Swarangali (Solo singing)
    Sur sangam (Duet singing)
    Tarang (Instrumental music)
    Olio (Fusion Of Instruments
    Raprimande (Rap music competition)
    Art n Craft:-
    Rang bhoomi (Rangoli making)
    Art-Attack (Thumb Painting)
    Die sandburg (Sand Castle)
    Heena (Mehendi making)
    Copy Cats (Replica designing)
    IUPC (‘C’ coding contest)
    OS Mania (Shell scripting competition)
    Debug The C-Bug
    Matlab Coder
    Zenith (Web Designing)
    Fast Track (Line follower race)
    Derby (RoboWar
    Splint (Roborace)
    Kick Off (Robosoccer)
    Wire junkies (Quiz and Circuit designing)
    Biz Quiz (Business quiz)
    Entertainment Quiz (General quiz)
    Negosio (Business plan)
    Mace (Financial Case Study)
    I-Xamin (Online Business Quiz)
    Raddrock (Rock Band competition)
    Vogue (Fashion Parade)
    Razzmatazz (Group Dance)
    Pro Night (Celebrity Event)
    Fun Events

  • Contact Info
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    Mobile Number:  +91-9610610566
    Registration Link:
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  • How to Reach

    The LNM Institute of Information Technology

    Rupa ki Nangal, Post-Sumel, Via-Jamdoli


    (Rajasthan) INDIA