Be Smart Be Focused (BeSeF) A Central Government Certified Program Tamil Nadu Chennai

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    Fest Name: Be Smart Be Focused (BeSeF) A Central Government Certified Program
    Organising College Name: Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University
    Fest Type: Continuous Professional Development
    Fest Start Date: 20th May 2014
    Fest End Date: 21th may 2014
    Fest Info: About the Program :BeSeF is a competency and capacity building programme that�ll enable you to realize your potential and face day � to- day challenges. It�ll empower you to identify a career of your choice, achieve your goals and lead a happy life.This is a unique training programme to prepare you for the modern world and focuses on the enhancement of Social Skills, Thinking Skills and Coping Skills and their applications in various real life situations. Life Skills are the abilities which can make an individual effective in any challenging situation and became a healthy individual.

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone interested in sharpening their skills building a successful career – Teaching faculty members from various Schools, Colleges , Universities and NGOs.

    The outcomes of this training programme:

    A complete behavior change� that concentrates on the development of skills such as communication, decision making, thinking, managing emotions, assertiveness, self-esteem, resisting peer pressure and building relationship.

    The cost for BeSeF for two days is Rs.700. The Training Materials, Lunch, Certificate and expert guidance are all included in this course fee.

  • Major Events
    You�ll learn how to

    Know your �self�

    Communicate effectively

    Control fear & enhance your public image

    Sharpen your Presentation skills

    Practice the art of saying No

    Discover the innovation in your life

    Brand yourself

    Create a competitive edge over others

    Acquire the art of attracting and handling people

    Manage healthy relationships

    Become a successful leader

    Build effective relationships both professionally and personally

    Cope with stress and emotion

    Adapt to change

    Build effective teams

    Plan for a successful career and identify your potential to reach that goal

    Facilitation Methodology:

    Participatory and Experimental Methodology

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    Contact Name: Rajkumar. N
    Mobile Number: 8508035278
    Facebook Link:
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    Department of Computer Applications

    Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute University

    Maduravoyal, Chennai -95

    Tamil Nadu, India


    Ph: +91-8508035278