ULLASH v4.0, Cultural Festival, Techno India Banipur Kolkata

ULLASH v4.0-Kolkata

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: ULLASH v4.0
    Organising College Name: Techno India Banipur
    Fest Type: cultural
    Fest Start Date: 25th April 2014
    Fest End Date: 26th April 2014
    Fest Info: Ullash is the annual cultural festival of Techno India Banipur,an unit of Techno India Group.It is held in the spring every year.We are working hard to make it reach a point where it will be one of the most talked about fest in Bengal.

    Earlier in 2010,our first fest was held under the name of Indi Lightened.Due to some problems,our fest in 2011 got cancelled.

    Hence in 2012 we reincarnated in a form of Joy,Happiness,and Energy ��— all of which sums up the name ULLASH.

    Indi Lightened 2k10 saw a galaxy of guest performers heated by Fossils & Lakkhichhara.

    Our event had a social aspect and we brought Komol Gandhar, the award winning cultural wing of Durbar Mahila Samanyay Committee to inaugrate our fest.Our noble cause was supported by Unicef.In 2012; Cactus,Heatbeatz,Underground Authority rocked our stage.In 2013; Prithibi,Sixth Veda and Underground Authority again were our boosters.And this year we would make it bigger and better!So we hope for the best!

  • Major Events
    Band Performances

    Dance Competition

    Fashion Show

    Guest Performances

    Singing Competition(Singles)

    Live Sketching Competition

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Siddhant Mishra
    Mobile Number: 9874606290
    Email: siddhantmishra70@gmail.com
    Website: will be available soon
    Facebook Link: will be available soon
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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  • How to Reach
    Mohit Mancha, Kolkata just 5 minutes walk from belgachia metro station..

    bus and taxi services available from dumdum railway station