AARUUSH 14 Techno Management Festival, SRM University Kattankulathur

AARUUSH 14 SRM University

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: AARUUSH 14
    Organising College Name: SRM University Kattankulathur
    Fest Type: Techno-management Fest
    Fest Start Date: 10th September 2014
    Fest End Date: 13th September 2014
    Fest Info: SRM University´┐Żs National Level Techno-Management Fest, AARUUSH quenches our thirst for innovative prerogatives. Since its inception in 2007, this brainchild of four graduating students has been a platform where students can showcase a fine blend of imagination and technical dexterity. Continuing to delve into unexplored avenues, Aaruush has pioneered a change not only in ideas, but also in mindset. A unique amalgamation of technology, management and societal issues, the theme each year has made innovation an intrinsic part of life.Aaruush comprises of 12 Domains:

    Bluebook domain represents fields originated from life sciences, biology, and chemistry provides an interesting fun learning process of concepts, terminologies, and process cycles by quizzes and FAQ rounds in these events.

    Fundaz domain deals with the fundamental basics of science. The events bring back Formula Zero and ground rules in day to day learning on test.

    X-Zone is entirely about non-technical events and participants can be sure of entertaining and mind racking experiences. In short it’s a portal to the world of gaming, with unlimited fun and frolic in store

    Konstruktion puts together events which are focussed on civil and infrastructure studies where designing, fabricating and practical testing of the required models and projects are the mandate

    Magefficie provides a platform for the test of business and managerial skills with basics in place like Crisis aversion, management, corporate strategy building and business planning.

    Machination covers technical aspects related to the departments of mechanical, automobile, and mechatronics. Events require participants to come up with solutions for problems relating to machine functions.

    Online brings together spine-chilling experience of online games, puzzles, treasure hunt and other technical competitions.

    Praesentatio helps provide a platform for participants who are interested in paper or model presentations as well as exhibitions backed with substantial proof. Being one of the most sought after domains for the tech-wiz populous, this domain is no less a challenge than any.

    Vimanaz is a domain that showcases everything and anything that the word ‘flying’ associates itself to. The events provide for an immersive participation for the fanatics of aviation.

    Robogyan consists of events providing opportunity to refine their skills to create all types of manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic inventions.

    X-Zone is entirely about non-technical events and participants can be sure of entertaining and mind cracking experiances.

    Yuddhame comprises events which puts to test the technical skills of the participants specifically the hardware and software knowledge stretching from programming languages, web designing, networking.

    Electrizite consists of events which make provisions for the participants of being bombarded by a stream of resistors, diodes, capacitors, and inductors.The knowledge of topics like artificial intelligence, microprocessor, circuitry etc. is the order of the course.One of the largest of its kind in the nation AARUUSH creates an arena for the best brains in the country and the world over to converge compete and put to test their technical and management concepts. AARUUSH’14 comprises 60+ events, 10+workshops, guest lectures, video conferencing, panel discussions, unconference, several enthralling proshows, events such as swastika, the aaruush sports week, konvolve, international conference and several championships are held in association with AARUUSH.

    AARUUSH’14 with its theme “AARUUSH TOWARDS INFINITY” is about discovering not only unexplored avenues but also unlocking the pathways for innovative thinking. AARUUSH ’14 promises to remain true to its theme by Integrating Ideas from different spheres of technology and management and Engineering Transformation for better tomorrow.

    With a history of 7 successful editions and a footfall of over 20000 participants, AARUUSH is back.

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    Email: secretary@aaruush.net


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  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Suraj Thakur
    Mobile Number: 9962646344
    Email: onlineaaruush@gmail.com
    Website: http://aaruush.net/home/
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/aaruush.srm
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  • How to Reach
    By Rail

    Those coming from other states of India by train, should get down at the Chennai Central Station, come out and cross the high road through the pedestrian subway and reach ‘Park’ suburban metro rail station. Two destination trains are available from Park suburban metro rail station – to (i) Tambaram (TMB) (ii) Chengalpattu (CGL).

    (i) If you take the train to Tambaram, then get down at Tambaram and reach the local bus stand there. Take T60 or T60 LSS bus and get down at SRM or Potheri stop. It is a 20 minute travel from Tambaram to reach SRM University. (Total Travel time from Chennai Central Railway Station will be around One Hour).

    (ii) If you take the train to Chengalpattu, you can directly reach Potheri railway station. SRM University is just opposite to Potheri railway station.

    By Air

    The nearest railway station from the Chennai Airport is Thrisulam, located just opposite the Airport. Get on a train towards Tambaram and follow the instructions given in the ‘By Rail’ section above for reaching SRM University.

    Shuttle bus service is available from SRM University main gate to commute around the university.