Impressions 2015, Techno Cultural Management, Jaypee Institute Noida

Impressions 2015, Techno Cultural Managment, Jaypee Institute

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Impressions 2015
    Organising College Name: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
    Fest Type: Techno Cultural Management
    Fest Start Date: 21st March
    Fest End Date: 22nd March
    Fest Info: IMPRESSIONS the annual techno-cultural-managerial festival of JIIT. It is a pulsating festival with an array of events, allowing the students a chance to exhibit and participate in technical and academic pursuits of programming, robotics, B-plan competitions, panel discussions, talk shows and many more such creative challenges. On the other hand it also provides ample opportunities to the young students of today to experience and live their passion doing theme walks, fashions shows and at the same time express their talent and versatility through choreography and street plays.As the name suggests, IMPRESSIONS is all about exuberance, enthusiasm, and energy. This stimulating event is looked forward to throughout the year. It is not only a channel for self evaluation, but it also is a pedestal, that serves the purpose of experience and endurance.
  • Major Events
    Mr. and Ms. Impressions


    Computer programming Events

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Parv Mittal
    Mobile Number: 8826725550
    Facebook Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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  • How to Reach
    College Address: From Noida City Centre Metro Station : Exit from the metro

    take a shared /private auto to sec 62,

    say them to stop at Jiit Sec62, near Expo center

    Charges : Share Auto :15 Rs.

    Private Auto : 80 Rs.

    From Kaushambi Metro :

    Exit from the metro station and get a shared auto to 62 chowki

    from their its a 2 min walk path to college


    get a private auto

    Charges Shared Auto: 15 Rs.

    Private Auto : 70 Rs