Patan 2015, Robo-cultural Fest, Rajeev institute of Technology

Patan 2015, Robo-cultural Fest, Rajeev institute of Technology  

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Patan 2015
    Organising College Name: Rajeev institute of Technology
    Fest Type: Robo – cultural Fest
    Fest Start Date: 12th April 2015
    Fest End Date: 19th April 2015
    Fest Info: Nested in the land of Lord Shiva, the institution embodies values, qualities and academic rejig of RIT. Utthaan, synonymous with evolution, is the annual techno-cultural fest of RIT-dumka. It is a three day and three nights fest and houses a plethora of events and footfall of intellectual minds from a wide diverse background.The fest will consist of Technical events like �Robowars�, �Maze-o-Mania�, �Robo-Premier-League�, and �NFS-Aqua� in the category of robotics; national level coding event on �CodeChef�, idea based events like �Sustainergy 1.0′, �Smart City� and �Clean City challenges� etc. The cultural events includes music, dance, drama, fashion show and many more events by the budding engineers of the Campus. The institute has already seen the enthusiastic performance of India�s got talent fame Underground Authority during the last annual fest and hoping same type of mega event to make this fest a grand success. We are also inviting higher dignitaries to make it a much successful one.
  • Major Events
    RoboKombat (War of Robots)

    ► Maze-o-Mania (Maze solving by autonomous Robots)

    ► NFS Aqua (Racing of Wireless Robots in Aquatic Arena)

    ► Robo Premier League (Soccer match of Robots)


    ► Smart City Challenge (Ideas on architecture of smart city)

    ► Sustainergy 1.0 �The next Big Thing� (Ideas on sustainable energy in making a smart city)


    ► Beat by BIT (Online coding challenge on CodeChef)

    ► Big Data Challenge (Ted Talks)

    ► Skillex (Tracking Bugs)

    ► Reverse Coding (Coding made interesting)


    ► MUN (Model UN)

    ► Foot Vives (Dance Competetion)

    ► Fashionista (Fashion Show)

    ► Google it Out (Using Search Engine)

    ► Virtual-o-placement (Virtual Placement)

    ► Stock Watch (Stock Market Challenge)

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: pritam kumar
    Mobile Number: 7737373747
    Website: NA
    Facebook Link: NA
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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