Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology (COMET)

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology (COMET)
    Organising College Name: Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi
    Fest Type: Conference (Technical)
    Fest Start Date: 15 Jan 2016
    Fest End Date: 17 Jan 2016
    Fest Info: Mechanical Engineering Society (MES), Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi is pleased to announce the 22nd edition of COMET, Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology, which is scheduled from 15 � 17th January,2016.

    COMET is primarily aimed at promoting excellence in the field of mechanical engineering and to provide a platform for bringing out the best among the students and simultaneously delivering them a nectar of experience from the professionals, industrialists and distinguished research scholars. Along with an innumerable odd external participation, COMET enjoys vast coverage from the media and journals.

    COMET�16 will be dedicated to bring a �change�, a change through innovative solutions in the field of manufacturing under the theme � QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY and incorporating the same in this challenging world.

    Colloquium, a paper presentation event offers the opportunity to discuss ideas, models or solutions by exploring the full potential and going way beyond the limits. However, it also embraces the following areas:
    � Advanced Manufacturing System
    � Applications of Aerospace Technology
    � Automation and Robotics
    � Automobile engineering
    � Biomechanics and Bioinstrumentation
    � Concurrent Design of Vibration System
    � Fluid Mechanics
    � Human Values and Professional ethics
    � Industrial Management
    � Material Science
    � Nanotechnology
    � Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
    � Thermal Engineering

    Also, to boost the design enthusiasts, COMET�16 introduces another event CAD-esign. It allows the ones who lives in their own world playing with different designs to analyze & implement them in the world full of hope, thrill and buzz. On similar notes, COMET unifies all the intellectual minds to compete against each other on a common platform in the form of aptitude tests, Group discussions and Personal Interviews all summoned in the name of Caliber-de-en-quete. Besides, it hosts model making event, Esempio and a number of Guest Lectures by renowned and eminent personalities who brought a �change�, a revolution in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, to unfetter all the heat of the three days, COMET�16 brings Modulus of Festivity, a cultural pronite, scheduled on 16th January, to dance and wave along with some great personalities.

  • Major Events
    1) Colloquium (paper presentation event)
    2) CAD-esign (CAD designing contest)
    3) Esempio (model making event)
    4) CDQ (a national level aptitude test)
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    Contact Name: Nikhil Vinay Agarwal
    Mobile Number: 8874389524
    Facebook Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
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    Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi