Amalthea 2016 Technical Summit IIT Gandhinagar

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Amalthea
    Organising College Name: IIT Gandhinagar
    Fest Type: Technical Summit
    Fest Start Date: 22nd 0ctober 2016
    Fest End Date: 23rd October 2016
    Fest Info: Celebrating its 7th year, Amalthea, the annual technical summit of IIT Gandhinagar, continues its tradition of spreading technical knowledge and suffusing enthusiasm for technology alongside its aim of bringing prosperity through technology.
    With the theme Technologizing Challenges, we look at the problems that are faced today with a new perspective.The following speakers will deliver their talks at the Conclave:Mr. Sanjay Katkar: The Co-founder and CTO of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.
    Mr. Diwakar Vaish: Developer of India’s first indigenously built 3D-printed robot called Manav.

    The following exhibits will be showcased for (
    hands-on) experience:

    I2U2 Robotics: Telepresence robot which ensures proper human interaction.
    Neurosky: A device that can read your mind waves and analyze your thought process.
    ISRO: Overall technologies including GSLV model, reusable launch vehicle.
    Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ): Mine protected vehicles for the Indian Army.

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    #Falling Dominos
    #TechKnow Quest
    #SCMU open cube event
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    Contact Name: KAUSHAL CHHIMPA
    Mobile Number: 7433064245
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    [tube][/tube] [/tab] [ig_tab label="How to Reach"] The Institute is located at Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, approximately 26 km from Ahmedabad Airport and 28 km from Ahmedabad Railway Station.