Young Vertos Business Summit & Expo 2016 Lovely Professional University

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    Fest Name: Young Vertos Business Summit & Expo 2016
    Organising College Name: Lovely Professional University
    Fest Type: Business summit & Expo
    Fest Start Date: 16th November 2016
    Fest End Date: 18th November 2016
    Fest Info: Young Verto’s Business Summit & Expo 2016- “Beginning of Young Vertos Business Era” is the biggest international business summit & expo focusing on Exposure of business economy in the Indian market Today. It is a three day event hosted by Young Vertos Society, Punjab in association with Lovely Professional University. With this Business Summit & Expo we want to inspire the Youth of India to achieve excellence in their respective fields and guide them of how they can bring a change in the economy of India. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬The agenda is to enable them to engage with leaders from the field of business, politics, media, the arts, international affairs and then implementing the ways preached by the speakers of summit and to achieve excellence in their fields.

    Young Verto’s Business Summit & Expo 2016 will be held in Lovely Professional University, Punjab, on 16th – 18th November, 2016.

    Youth who are already inspired, are not getting a right direction in the field of business. This summit and expo will enable the youth to achieve excellence in their respective business fields and bring about a transformation in the Indian market.¬ The agenda is to engage the tycoons from the field of business, so that they may help the youth to merge with the roots of Indian market and take it forward in an enhanced manner. For Young Verto’s Business Summit & Expo the theme selected is #Beginning of Young Vertos Business Era which means that each individual can be an successful entrepreneur by facing the challenges in the market and to bring about a transformation… So the experts of companies will share their experiences for few minutes; how they are offering their services for the betterment of their companies graph in the present Indian market.
    A stepping stone for change challenge opportunities to students, young professionals and entrepreneurs, YVBSE,2016 is an initiative by Young Vertos Society, Punjab in association with Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Featuring powerful speeches and panel discussions by industry tycoons and ministries of various states, the summit & expo will aim at engaging a discussion between young thinkers and current market scenario of today’s generation. In this event the companies will enlighten the students about placement criteria for their respective companies and about their establishment to reach which would be an added advantage as a promotion.
    Youth is the strongest weapon a country has for its development and India being one of the largest youth nations in the world is still under developing stage. So by this summit and expo we want to make them realize of their future and guide them to a right and a fruitful direction in the field of business..
    We invite the game changers of business in India as speakers , so that we may merge the roots of the Indian market i.e. merging the old methods with enhanced methods so that the pace of development becomes fast, still imbibing from the roots. Along with this ministers from all over India will be attending and demonstrate the future prospects of their respective states and in India together. The event will be of 3 days, 6 sessions , 50+ startups, 50+ Pan India companies and 50+ MNC’s..
    Expo will comprise different exhibition stalls of various companies with their products. We are expecting to invite projects from IIT’s, NIIT’s and other institutions.
    Key features:
     President’s & prime minister’s from all over the globe are invited.
     World’s best companies from all over the globe.
     6+ Sessions
     3+ days
     26+ countries participants from round the globe.
     29 states participants.
     100+ Institutions from India.
     150+ Companies from round the globe.
     6400+ participants.
     40000+ audience

    Various Speakers who are invited from Business field in the India come and talk about the particular theme relating to their own market space. So the speakers each one will be discussing on theme for few minutes of how their own market space can enhance the development of business in India.

    Lovely Professional University, a mammoth ultra-modern campus sprawling over more than 600 acres of land on the NH1 at the entry of Jalandhar City, is the largest single campus university in India, with more than 40000+ students, 3500 faculty & staff, offering more than 200 programmes.

    The university has been recently awarded as the Best Private University of the Year 2013 by Dr. Pallam Raju, Minister HRD, in the event organized by ASSOCHAM (the oldest chamber of industries).

    With internationally bench marked curriculum, innovative pedagogy, experiential learning, and 35 + foreign tie-ups for equitable and affordable quality education, the University is poised to establish itself as a Center of Excellence in Research. The university campus exhibits a rich diversity as the academic staff and students come from all the states of India and more than 26 countries in the world.

    Top Magazines, Newspapers and TV Channels have rated LPU as one of the pioneering Universities in providing quality education and have provided good rankings to the University in various areas like placements, quality education, industry interface, infrastructure, international relations etc.

    Young Verto’s Summit & Expo 2016 is likely to be attended by the following from all over the globe:

    • MNC’s
    • Pan India Companies
    • Start-up’s
    • Entrepreneurs
    • CEO’s
    • Managing Directors
    • HR’s
    • Administrative Services
    • Business Consultants
    • Students
    • NGOs
    • Socialists
    • Doctors
    • Scholars
    • Engineers
    • Professors/ Educationalists
    • Scientists
    • Sports person
    • Industrialists

  • Major Events
    Summit for 3days

    Expo for 3 days

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    Contact Name: Madhudevanaidu
    Mobile Number: 7307747547
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    [tube][/tube] [/tab] [ig_tab label="How to Reach"] Summit Registration fee: 250/day
    Expo Registration fee : Free
    Accommodation Charges : Free for 3 days
    Git vouchers: 2500 worth/day

    Email: [email protected]
    Contact No: +91-7307747547.