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  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: AMALTHEA
    Organising College Name: IIT GANDHINAGAR
    Fest Type: Technical
    Fest Start Date: 22 October 2016
    Fest End Date: 23 October 2016
    Fest Info: Amalthea had started in 2010 and since then it is being organised in a well versed manner with main aim to spread knowledge and bring ‘prosperity through technology’, which is the tag line of Amalthea. This year Amalthea is going to be conducted on 22 – 23 October in IIT Gandhinagar Palaj campus, one of the top class campuses in India.

    Amalthea fosters a unique merger between industry and academia. It reaches out and unites people with the drive to build a better tomorrow. It helps connect ideas and innovation to a greater audience and potential collaborators.

    The objective of Amalthea’16 is to bring out the simple correspondence between technology and development based on the theme ‘Technologizing Challenges’ and spread knowledge. Amalthea’16 will feature a Conclave on ‘Technologizing Challenges’, an Exhibition on ‘Expediting Development Through Tech and Innovation’, a Symposium on ‘Technologies in Defense and Internal Security’ and many other engaging events.

    To fulfil the goal of networking and the aim of bridging the gap between industry and academia, we organize one-of-a-kind Networking Dinner for our eminent Speakers from different parts of world , respected IIT Gandhinagar Faculty and our Valued Sponsors and Partners.
    This year IIT GANDHINAGAR is going to organise first DRONE RACING in india.

  • Major Events
    Amalthea- IDRL drone racing
    Falling Dominos
    D’code- Algo
    D’code- Regex
    AMALTHEA- SCMU open 2016
  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: MUKESH KUMAR
    Mobile Number: 7436069929
    Facebook Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
  • Fest Video
    [tube][/tube] [/tab] [ig_tab label="How to Reach"] IIT GANDHINAGAR palag campus is 25 km from ahemdabad raiiway station as well as from ahemdabad airport.