Kshitij 2017 Techno-Management Fest Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Kshitij
    Organising College Name: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    Fest Type: Techno-management
    Fest Start Date: 27th January, 2017
    Fest End Date: 29th January, 2017
    Fest Info: Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, has now become a force to reckon amongst the college youth. The fest, which had started in 2004 with a meagre participation of a few hundred students, has grown exponentially since and now, after thirteen extremely successful editions, has gained the reputation of being Asia’s largest fest of its kind. The last edition witnessed a participation of over 70000, and had given away a total prize money worth 65 lac rupees. The patronage that Kshitij has gained by UNESCO is also an evidence of the social impact that has been created by it. According to the previous year’s statistics, the official website of Kshitij, www.ktj.in, was the largest student run website in the world, with as much as 8 million clicks in a single year.Kshitij is now heading towards its fourteenth edition. With more initiatives and events coming up, this edition promises to be even bigger and better. The fourteenth edition will be held from 27th January to 29th January, 2017.
    For more updates, visit the official website www.ktj.in.
  • Major Events
    Woodstock : Your Gateway to Wall Street

    WOODSTOCK is a real stock market game played with virtual money. The players face real time share price fluctuations and trade accordingly. The game ensures firsthand experience of the real market without the associated risk of losing money. This event allows you to understand the vagaries of the stock exchange and gain experience before you take the markets head-on.
    The Event is live at http://bazaar.ktj.in

    Forex : Foreign Exchange

    Do you want to be that guy? Does the strengthening of dollar enthrall you or the weakening of euro despairs you? Exchanging currency on paper? If the answer is yes then you have a tailor made event for you at Kshitij. To give you a real time experience of the “foreign exchange” we give you virtual money and real time data. Still need more leverage? We have hefty prize money for the person who can make the maximum profit. So be there to see if you can predict the market better than the best in the business.
    The Event is live at http://bazaar.ktj.in

    Relic Hunter : Hunt for Online Treasures

    Are you a self confessed internet junkie? Do you love Robert Louis Stevenson? Do you think Clues is the coolest show on TV? Then this is just for you! An online treasure hunt for net savvy participants!
    Navigate from one page to another to unravel the cryptic clues hidden in the pictures. Find out and solve these clues sequentially to lead yourself to the final treasure!!!!

    Supply Matrix : Decide, Conquer and Rule the world of Supply Chain

    The principal agenda of this event is to bring out the best bureaucratic qualities in you. Delve deep into the world of logistics and discover the best possible strategies of utilising limited resources and execute them in a real-world scenario. The war between demand and supply is an ancient one and they’ve returned yet again to haunt you for a while. Do you think you have what it takes to turn the tables in your favour? If yes, then come aboard!
    Event is live at http://scm.ktj.in

    Anadigix : Perfect Blend of Analog and Digital Electronics

    Electronic circuits might have taken a long time to be invented but they certainly did not take a long time to make their presence felt in all walks of life. From small toys to state-of-the-art satellites, everything depends on electronic circuits.

    Anadigix is a platform for all electronics enthusiasts to exhibit their skills against the best of the best in this specialization. In this two stage event, participants will have to race against time as they compete with one another to make the best possible circuit and prove their dominance over silicon.

    Overnite : ACM Certified Night Long Programming Competition

    When the rest of this part of the world retreats to the luring comfort of their beds we beckon you to recharge your gray cells and join us in the quest for that competent programmer. Prove yourself in the test of not only skills, but also endurance and perseverance as you make your way through a series of problems equipped with C, C++ and Java as your tools and a single night at your disposal. So set your adrenaline pumping and join the race.

    Microsoft AI Hackathon : Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence

    To erase the line between man and machine is to obscure the line between men and Gods. As we teeter on the brink of total machine dependency and epoch-making technological developments that span across every sphere of our lives, Kshitij in association with Microsoft is bestowing upon the fresh minds to showcase their flair while coding their heart out. This hackathon thus targets to accomplish the promise of science fiction come to life. Its time for AI to get machines do the things they do in movies.

    Code-O-Soccer : Code strategies for simulated soccer playing robots

    Code-O-Soccer is a coding competition conducted by Kharagpur RoboSoccer Students’ Group. This is a first of its kind competition wherein soccer strategies brewing within one’s mind are implemented on robots using techniques of Artificial Intelligence.
    The main aim of the event is to introduce the concept of autonomous soccer playing robots in students mind and motivating students to create a challenging strategy using our API on a THREE BY THREE robot match for which robots will be provided by us during the event. The participants will also be provided with a simulator with game environments (playground, robots,score board, etc.) to test their codes.

    RoboWars : Let the war begin

    Magnetized with the world of bots? Want to outbreak into the Terr­O­Botic world of Real Steel? It’s time for you to make your mind as you enter the battlefield with your robots equipped with weapons. Hold your nerves and enhance your moves to eliminate your opponents out of the battleground. Get ready to embrace the sound of roaring engines, firing weapons and protect their pride in the ultimate battle of supremacy. Evolving from the era of battle of Homo­Sapiens, drift into the war of Robo­Sapiens.

    SandRover : Build a sand carrying bot traverse an uneven terrain

    Kshitij brings to you an opportunity to show off your technical skills and build up an all-terrain bot on wheels bound to surf over rough and uneven terrains without spilling a single grain of sand. Barging through challenging obstacles, make the bot cross the finishing line. Push it to extreme limits while the clock ticks!

    The Economist : Cost Benefit Analysis

    Step into the shoes of a great businessmen and grab the reigns to control the beast. Determine the best approach to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives from transactions, activities, functional business requirements and consumer behavior. Give the best solution for comparing benefits and costs of a decision while competing against great minds from all over the country.

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Tarique Hussain
    Mobile Number: 8768992227
    Website: http://ktj.in/#ktj/Home
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ktj.iitkgp/
    Fest Submitted by: NA
  • Fest Video
    [tube][/tube] [/tab] [ig_tab label="How to Reach"] The KGP station is connected to all major cities of the country by train. Just hop on! If your city does not have a direct rail route to Kharagpur, then catch a train to the City of Joy- Kolkata. KGP is situated 120 Kms off Kolkata which is well connected to all the cities of India by rail and air. Train from Kolkata to Kharagpur are available round the clock. The list of local trains from Kolkata to KGP can be obtained from here.

    How to reach Campus

    The first thing that you will notice on coming out of the KGP station will be the Participant’s Reception (PR) team. (We believe in Atihi Devo Bhava, besides there isn’t anything else worth noting about the KGP station) We will be there 24×7 from 18:00 hrs, 27th of January. Periodic announcements will be made at the station addressing the participants. IIT KGP buses and the volunteers will be available to bring you to the campus. The volunteers will guide you to the Kshitij arena- The Vikramshila Complex. Moreover you can also take a cab to the IIT Campus. The fare from station to the IIT campus is Rs. 120 to Rs 150 (depends on your negotiation skills) and it is a 10 minutes ride.