Matrix Technical Festival Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

  • Fest Details
    Fest Name: Matrix
    Organising College Name: Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
    Fest Type: Technical Festival
    Fest Start Date: 15th February 2017
    Fest End Date: 16th February 2017
    Fest Info: Matrix 2016-17 is the official Technical festival of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. Matrix 2016-17 works towards providing students a platform for showcasing their talents in the field of science and technology along with fruitful interaction of students, professionals and academia through its wide range of events like competitions, lectures, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Major Events
    1)Virtual Stock Market

    Virtual stock market is a realistic simulation of the world’s stock market. Come step into a virtual world that tests your *intuitive, observational and decision making abilities*.

    Keep an eye out for a *pre event online round* which will help you gain a strong footing and place you at different levels in the market’s dynamics.
    The main event may have 3-5 rounds to give you a chance to rise to the moon and be *the Wolf of the market*. The rounds will feature potential information in form of *news* about the next wave of changes that will hit the market and your evaluation if you don’t manage to surf and maximise your profits through buying and selling stocks.

    You will be rewarded at the end of each round in accordance to your profit. The winner at the close of the market takes home *exciting prizes*.

    It will take place on both the days of MATRIX. Participation can be in a team of 2 or less.

    Contact Details

    2) Pokemon Showdown

    “The mages and warlocks of Westeros have opened up a portal and Pokémon have landed here from nowhere! The lords and ladies of Westeros now use Pokémon to fight their wars. Defeat anyone(gym leaders) who comes in your way to the Iron Throne. And fight your way against the other false claimants(players). For there can be only one champion. There will be two great wars.

    Rebellion of the People: Here you shall face off against the major houses in epic battles with their lead trainers.

    The Great Hunt: After defeating 4 out of the 6 Great houses, the gods shall give hints about the locations of the Legendary Pokemon. These are hidden in various events across Matrix. To get them, you must solve the hint, go to the location to obtain an ancient rune stone (QR code) which will allow you to wield some of the mightiest beasts.

    Battle against the People: This is the final battle. Only the best may survive. Players shall fight each other to get the Iron Throne. The last person standing wins.

    Lore aside, Pokemon Showdown is a Pokemon Tournament with a Game of Thrones theme fit beautifully, to make it an even more exciting competition.”

    Contact Details
    Rajorshi: 7738413449
    Sarvesh: 8898663825


    “Do you possess a soul of a budding programmer awaiting to change the world with the might of your mind? If yes, come and prove your worth.

    Code out brain twisting challenges, be your own compiler and debug the bugs. Use your uncommon logic Because youfirst, solve the problem and Then, write the code.

    Don’t code? We got some mind-boggling and cryptic tasks which shall be your best introduction to programming, so dive first into the world of programming because it needs you! Each round will be as follows : Throttle and Unthrottle, Debugging, Blind Coding, Design algorithm and a final round (surprise). For Non coding tasks will compel you to think in logical ways, the round will be as follows: Unjumble steps of algorithm, Second page of Google, Mathematical puzzles,etc ”

    Contact Details
    Kaustubh: 9930468296
    Saral: 9930510003

    4) Lazer Tag
    “Do video games excite you!?
    Ever wondered what it would be like holding guns and being out there planning out strategies to take down your enemies and emerging as the ultimate winner!
    Well, smack yourself on the head and wake up to the realitiess where riffle guns could very well land you in jail!
    Want a third way? What if we replace it with something less gruesome but thrilling as hell!
    Hence we the students of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology have come up with the most awaited event of our Technical Fest MATRIX ie LASER TAG – Where NOT shooting your opponent IS a crime!
    Things you’ll require: While agility is optional, your wits and camouflaging skills are a must.
    P.S. Get ready to have the best time of your life!”

    Contact Details
    Priyanka: 9730394297
    Madhura: 7208450172

    5)Lazer Maze
    Are you strategic, quick on your feet, and up for a challenge? Harness your inner Ninja as you test your reflexes and agility racing against time while maneuvering through a dense field of laser beams. Try to make it through the vault and hunt down all the clues to complete phase 1 of your mission. BEWARE! Don’t be zapped by the laser beams. Sound a little easy?Well your mission isn’t complete until you crack the clues!

    Contact Details
    Ameya: 9892510777
    Subhiksha: 9833667741

  • Contact Info
    Contact Name: Divita nitin vora
    Mobile Number: 9987171333
    Facebook Link:
    Fest Submitted by: NA
  • Fest Video
    [tube][/tube] [/tab] [ig_tab label="How to Reach"] Bhavans Campus,Munshi nagar ,Near Azad Nagar Metro Station,Andheri (West),Mumbai.