IGNUS 20, IIT Jodhpur, Social Cultural Fest, Jodhpur

IGNUS 20, IIT Jodhpur, Social Cultural Fest, Jodhpur Details:

Fest Name: IGNUS 20
Organizing College Name: IIT Jodhpur
Fest Type: Social Cultural Fest
Fest Start Date: 20th February 2020
Fest End Date: 23rd February 2020
Fest Info: IGNUS- A benchmark. A tradition. A fiesta. Known for its vigour and vivacity, IGNUS is the annual inter-college socio-cultural fest of IIT Jodhpur. Every year youth from different parts of the nation come together to celebrate the uniqueness of this grand fest which speaks to its people through hope: hope of a hundred opportunities, and millions of memories. It’s a festival, packed, not just with thrill and celebration; but also, a plethora of golden chances to showcase your talent and experience applause. So, come be a part of this great event. Dive into the worlds of culture and art as you explore the treasure trove of talent hidden within you. Let lose your imagination, capture the essence of creativity, bring out the Picasso in you, or unleash the poet deep within. Gain a chance to win in games and quizzes as you innovate and quench your thirst for thrill and knowledge. Challenge your opponents in the battle of words and spontaneity through Jamming. Showcase the dramatist hidden within. Let the harmony of a hundred beautiful tones win your heart and capture your soul. Become the Voice of Ignus or enthrall an exuberant audience through your outstanding dance moves. Witness extraordinary performances by a series of renowned artists such as The Local Train, Papon, Ritviz and so on. Feel your heart beat to the rhythm of some of your favourite soundtracks. Get mesmerized as the flagship events take the crowd by storm and leave each and all entranced by their glit and glamour. And who knows you might get to behold someone of the likes of Anukreethy Vas, an icon who had graced the event with her presence last year and bewitched the audience with her ethereal looks. This was just a glimpse of it all, a meagre peep into a world that is endlessly amazing. If you crave experiences, IGNUS is the place for you. Experience ecstasy and vibrance, vigour and vitality, fun and frolic. Get lost in the world of celebration. Come, join us and add colours of your uniqueness to this grand fest.

Major Events:
– Antarang: Group Fashion Show Nrityansh: Group dance competition Clash of Bands: Band competition Voice of IGNUS: Solo singing Nukkad Natak Monologue Solo dance Pair on Stage Charcoal Painting T-Shirt Painting Face Painting Quizes IGMUN: MUN of IGNUS Pronites Informal workshops Informal games Bonfire Night life cafe Open MIC Kavi samelan Stand up comedy

Contact Info : 

Contact Name: Ritesh Goyal: 7009143577 Saurav Yadav: 9649451484 Gautam Battula: 9588810985
Email: Email:media@ignus.org
Website: https://ignus.org/
REGISTRATION FEES http://ignus.org/account/register/
Fest Submitted by: Divyanshu Singh
How to Reach: Reach Jodhpur by Train/flight/bus and we will provide further transportation assistance.