Embedded Systems for Engineers – Workshop on Embedded systems for Engineers

What is an Embedded System?
In Layman’s language: A system which is embedded inside something else.

In Engineer’s language: Embedded system devices are application specific circuits which combines with the application specific programming, whose whole aim is to concentrate on one work, but perform that one task with the best possible efficiency.

Some examples of Embedded Systems:

  • Mp3 players, telephone switches for IVR systems
  • Integrated systems in aircraft and missiles
  • Cellular telephones and telephone switches
  • Electric or Electronic Motor controller
  • Engine controllers
  • Home automation products
  • Handheld calculators
  • Microwave ovens, washing machines,
  • Television sets, DVD players and recorders
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • Computer peripherals such as routers and printers   And Many more…
Objective: To introduce top-down product design approach while learning the Embedded Systems Programming.

Outcome: The participants will be able to design, program and test the modules. Later the modules may be integrated to demonstrate the working model.

Pre-requisites: Basic C Programming knowledge.


1.  FaaDoOEngineers.com will provide the requisite hardware, accessories and training material (soft copy & Hard copy).

2.  Your college will provide adequate no of PCs (2 participants per system), audio-visual equipment.

3. Duration: This workshop will be of 16 hours duration, 8 Hours a day excluding the breaks.

4. Fees: INR 6000 per team (minimum 75 participants), payable before attending the training. A team can have a maximum of 3 members.

5. Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.

6. Each participant will receive a participation certificate from FaaDoOEngineers.com

7. Winners of games in the workshop will receive a FaaDoOEngineers.com goody bag.

Trainers: We have a pool of world-class, experienced corporate trainers who conduct the workshops in colleges.

Also, we offer unbeatable sponsorship packages to colleges & fests in which our workshops are conducted!

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  1. I am interested to participate in Workshop on Embedded systems for Engineers. May I know when and where this workshop is going to be there.

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