English for Engineers – Personality Development & Grooming Workshop for Engineers

Do You Know YOU are a Born Genius? You posses one of the most powerful gadgets YOUR MIND. The sad fact is that it is grossly underutilized. A cluster of mental blocks and the lack of scientific approach obstructs the flowering of the winner in YOU.

Now, here is a Unique and Extremely Successful Training Program for becoming a LEADER IN LIFE by developing an entirely new world within you. The workshop offers you a variety of Tested and Proven Techniques to explode off your past and drive you towards a greater success in life. Our Powerful Self-Development Program is designed to awaken the Extra-Ordinary Potential You Posses.


To unleash the hidden potential, overcoming the past conditioning and limiting belief, developing a success formula, inculcate leadership traits and success strategies, enhancing confidence, enthusiasm and human relationships. Developing an overall Winning Personality.

Workshop Highlights

  • 2 days sessions on Personality Development & English for Engineers
  • The workshop will be conducted in 16 Hours (8 Hours a day).
  • Workshop by Trained Professionals & PDP Gurus.
  • The fee for the two day workshop will be INR 750 per candidate.
  • It will be a FaaDoOEngineers.com certified workshop, after which the candidates will receive Certification of Participation.
  • Students will get “FE-PDP & FE-English Kits” free of cost.
  • English for Engineers Development Book & Study Material will also be provided to the students during the workshop.


This workshop helps you generate opportunities, turn failure into success, generate enthusiasm and on-going motivation, helping you rise up and win by learning from defeat nurturing and promoting the leader in you. You project a successful and dynamic Personality.

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

Workshop Director: Mr Nikhil Malhotra, PDP & English Guru, 15+ Yr. Experience (Director, ATMC Australia)


  • Interactive sessions
  • Group Discussion
  • Games & Simulations
  • Paper Pencil Exercises
  • Sharing & Experiential Learning

At this Personality Development Training Program you work on developing a winning Personality by Actual Participation, Application and Personal Counseling by the Faculty.

Detailed Training Objectives

  • Clearing Beliefs, Mental Blocks, Negative Conditioning, Laziness, Anxiety & Depression
  • How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger, Win Friends & Win – Win Relations
  • Developing a Positive Mental Attitude & Creativity
  • Developing Self-Esteem using Affirmations Therapy
  • SWOT Analysis of SELF
  • Assertiveness Skills – Don’t say “YES” when you want to say “NO”
  • Communications Skills & Body Language
  • Effective Time Management by Identifying and Managing Priorities
  • Defining Goals, Setting it and How to Achieve
  • Managing Stress & Problem Solving using Creative Visualization and Relaxation technique.
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection, Fear of being Ridicule
  • Developing Success-Winning Formula
  • Personal Grooming, Social Manners and Corporate Etiquette


Also, we offer unbeatable sponsorship packages to colleges & fests in which our workshops are conducted!

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