Flash & Animation for Engineers – Animation workshop for Engineers

Adobe Flash is the leading development tool for creating animated and interactive content for the Web. This workshop teaches attendees the fundamentals of building vector graphics, animations, and interactive content with Adobe Flash.

Flash & Animation Training Prerequisites: No prior experience is presumed

Flash Training Objectives: In this course, attendees will learn how to-

  • Import graphics, audio, and video into Flash CS5
  • Use the workspace to create Flash Timelines and Movies
  • Use drawing tools such as the Deco tool to create graphics
  • Use symbols (templates from which multiple objects can be created) and manage the Library where symbols are stored
  • Produce animated, interactive content using the Inverse Kinematics and 3D tools
  • Create morphing effects and motion quickly and easily using the Flash CS5 Motion Editor and tweening tools
  • Work with TLF (Text Layout Framework) for advanced typography and text layout
  • Create interactive navigation

Topics to be covered in Adobe Flash & Animation Workshop:

Module 1: Introduction to Flash
Module 2: Getting Started with the Drawing Tools
Module 3: Using Symbols
Module 4: Advanced Drawing Tools
Module 5: Creating Basic Animation
Module 6: Advanced Animation techniques
Module 7: Working with Imported Files
Module 8: Adding Basic Interactivity
Trainers: We have a pool of world-class, experienced corporate trainers who conduct the workshops in colleges.

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