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new world of imagination

  1. rajeev kumar singh
    rajeev kumar singh
    if one can imagine then he can do the 90% of it.
    guys, i have an idea an i want someone to work over it,if u have any then you are most welcome.....
    if we work on the frequency generated by speakers,or mobile phone ....then we have no any need of such a big and boom boom speakers i explain

    we play a music from a simple mobile phone and at the same time with a big speaker we check both we
    try to amplify the mpobile phone`s signals such a way that it matches with speaker then it will be the big we can fulfil many things using a small kit(mobile)only....if u think that it can work.....then come friends i m waiting for u
  2. jaswant kumar
    jaswant kumar
    hi bro...
    can u tell me how speakers produces sounds?
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