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Password Warning after ID Fraud Rocket

  1. mony001
    What happened?
    According to credit-checking company Experian, leaving internet users increasingly open to fraud and identity theft.
    The report showed that the average user has 26 account logins, but shares only five passwords between them, so when one account is hacked; the others with the same password are at risk.
    How will it affect you?
    If you use the same password on more than one site, change it now. It's hard to remember login details for all the online services you sign up for, so it's worth coming up with a system, whether it's using a password manager, or writing them down, rather than using the same one several times.
    What do I think?
    For example, sites could have the ability to forget you, so if you don't log in for a set time, your information is wiped. Sites should start using different types of password, such as questions or photos, so we're not forced to remember complicated passwords or write them down where they can be stolen.
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