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Is cricket overtaking other sports?

  1. Manoj
    I went through a group discussion on MTv.The topic waz nice so I thought of introducing it here.

    The topic of the discussion waz "Is cricket overtaking other sports"
  2. software-engineer
    Well cricket has already OVERTAKEN other sports...and that too by MILES!!!
  3. sanjitsihag
    The large amount of money available in IPL and the fact that not much opportunities are available in other sports has resulted into overcoming other sports.

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  4. rajput.rahul77
    it depend on u!!!!!!
    what u will see cricket or football match at a time...
  5. sreekanthzipsy
    nope doesn't we may think cricket is overtaking all sports by seeing these IPL's
    but it is only to make money.....on popularity soccer leads the sports
  6. srinivas71438
    absolutely yes.., but in only india, pak ,aus ,newzeland,england countries cricket is overtake the all other sports.
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