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Civil Engineering

  1. jkmjalam
    According to my College's view, "Civil Engineering is an age-old profession and has been defined traditionally as a great art, on which the wealth and the well-being of the whole of society depends. Its essential feature, as distinct from science and the arts, is the exercise of imagination to fashion the products processes and people needed to create a sustainable physical and natural environment. It requires a broad understanding of scientific principles, knowledge of materials and the art of analysis and synthesis. It also requires research team work, leadership and business skills. A Civil Engineer is someone who practices all or part of this art. Our old monuments and structures speak a lot about practical development of Civil Engineering in this country"
  2. jkmjalam
    And among all branches of Civil Engineering, Contract Engineering is the Heart of the any Civil Project, Hence practicing this branch of civil makes an engineer to face tremendous challenges right from the beginning of the Tendering stage to Costing & Planning the whole project. 100% perfect planning is never achieved yet, still more nearer to 100% is the key success and the real purpose of any project in this modern time. Hence the more responsibility to make success to a project depends more on us.
  3. jkmjalam
    "I welcomes all the contract engineers of India and Abroad to join me/our group, so that we can achieve our targets / our project's targets smoothly and more effectively, by discussing and sharing our practical problems and it's possible solutions , which we achieved till date of our practice. We all do not know every thing, But we can know many thing by sharing and discussing our experiences...
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