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Study or Learn?

  1. raghu5rvm
    "Have you ever think of what you are doing in shcool or college? Whether you are studying or you're learning? Are they different or same?"

    Share your thoughts about the mode of todays education system, the past one and the upcoming systems. Try to look both side of the coin.
    Like, sometimes we have to "study" blindly and remember things. There will be no proofs for them. In this passion think about it and share it.

    I think
    Study:"Going to institution, turning pages, inserting data into brain, printing that in exam, etc., ."
    Learn:"Wherever you are, observing things, analysing data, applying to life, presenting that on paper in your own way."

    "What do you think?"

    Suggesting others is the easiest job on earth. Try to give some tips and techniques to excel in education.
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